Monday, November 15, 2010

Ticket Lists, Please email me where you want to pick them up.

All remaining tickets will be first come, first serve

2 remaining for Friday
5 remaining for Saturday

We have been allotted a total of 14 tickets for the High School State meet.  Each ticket costs 20 dollars and is for both sessions of the meet, Friday prelims and Saturday finals.  Please send me an email with your name and number of tickets requested.  The priority will be as follows...both days will be given priority.

Parents of Swimmers
Other School Officials

Students who have tickets can get a permission slip signed by their parents and will be excused from school.

If you are not interested in tickets for both days please let me know and I will lists you down for only the desired day.  Please have all requests in by Wednesday at 5:00pm.  Gina Walch will be collecting the ticket money.

Current Requests - All bolded are guaranteed tickets
Hsu(both days) - 2
Roeings(both days) - 2
McGavocks (Friday) - 2
Xue (Friday) - 1
Joanna(both days) - 1
Hsu(both days) - 1
Walch(Saturday) - 1
Davit(Both Days) - 1(or 2)
Lucy(Friday) - 1
Hailey(both days) - 1

Finally, we will have a bus on Friday to the swim meet.  We will leave West around 11:45 and South around 12:00 pm..  It will leave promptly after the 400 free relay(warmdown included) and return to the West lot.  After the swimmers everyone is welcome to attend.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sectional Recap, and tentative practice schedule

Thanks for all the parents and other supporters who came out to York to watch a tremendous Sectional meet.  We ended up 4th overall in a very competitive sectional, we also average a 3.70% improvement or as one coach put it "swimming out of their minds".  Below are the new legal ISI cuts,  all swims were best times.  Assuming the 2 freshman are 14 thru JO's in March

Regional - 
Hailey - 200 free
Brenda - 50 free, 100 free
Joanna - 50 free, 100 breast
Meg - 100 free
Allie - 500 free
Malvika - 100 breast

13-14 State Championships
Joy - 500 free, 100 free
Meg - 100 back

Senior Champs
Allie - 200 free

Sectionals (I am using the National LCM Sectional Standards)
Connie - 200 IM(All-American Consideration)
Katie - 200 IM, 100 fly
Joy - 100 fly

Short Course Nationals
Connie - 100 fly(All-American Consideration)

I will have state ticket information tomorrow.  The files have not been posted at this time.

Practice plans.....for Connie, Katie, Joy, Allie, Brenda, and Meg...
Lifestart Wellness tomorrow at 3:30 for standard practice.  We can get in there for the foreseeable future.

I am again attempting to get pool time at Proviso and other local locations with Thursday night at Bensenville as a last resort.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thursday and Friday practice change.

Practice on Thursday and Friday will be at the Bensenville Park District aquatics facility. The pool is located at.

545 John Street
Bensenville, IL 60106

The pool is located in an ice arena. Entry to the pool is throug the locker rooms on the left thru the doulbe doors.

Thursday and Friday practice change.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sectional Week

We are only 5 days away from Sectionals!!!

There are only a couple of notes about the schedule for this week.

First we are having dryland on Tuesday.  So we will be out of the pool closer to 6 than to 5.

I have contacted Proviso West about possibly using their pool on  Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  The coach has approved but needs to run it by the AD first.  I will let you know as soon as I can.  This would be a good way to practice start and relay exchanges before the meet.  The boys team from PW will be using the pool so that is out, onto the next option.

We will be taking the bus from West on Saturday.  Bus will leave at 11am.  Meet starts at 1pm.  Girl's not competeting are still expected to be at the meet.  Please get their early so that you get good seats/can try to get on deck.

Monday, November 1, 2010

York Invite & Sectional Roster

Congratulations to everyone for a tremendous night at the York meet. Every single swimmer who was focused on this meet went lifetime bests.  I would like to draw attention to the "milestone" swims

Elise - 200 free under 2:30
Courtney - 100 free under 1:00
Jenna - 500 under 6:00
200 free relay of Hailey, Nicole, Lucy, and Courtney of being under 1:50
Hailey - 100 back under 1:10
Joanna - 100 back under 1:10
Alayne - 100 breast under 1:30
Team Average of a 2.95% improvement per swim!!!!!

This is of course by no means all the great swims, but these are simply the swims that cleared the next big hurdle.

Below is the Sectional Roster (please note does not guarantee swimming in Sectionals)

Katie R

They will have practice through Sectionals and be on deck for the meet ready to swim.  I will bring the sectional roster with me tomorrow.  That will not be getting posted until after the entry date due to how tight our sectional will be for our goal position.

Anyone not on this list and interested in swimming year round please contact me and I will make suggestions based on your individual needs.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bus Information

I will be picking up at West near the tennis courts from 2:40-2:55.

Drive to South.

Pickup at South near the Fieldhouse entrance(Door 14 or something, the sign over the door says Fieldhouse & Gymnasium)  from 3:00-3:15ish.  I can't be more specific due to traffic and travel.

We will be getting in the water at 4:00.  Reminder that some people will be doing extra work in the shallow end.

See everyone tomorrow.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Final Bits of Info

Got a few bits of information I wanted everyone to know about.

Practice for everyone at 9:30 tomorrow morning.  We will be done around 11:30.

York meet starts at 5:00 PM.  We have access to a team bus.  I would like all of the girl's who are treating the York meet as their championship to be on it.  I will pick up at West at 2:40 and arrive at South at 2:55.  We will work out final details about where tomorrow morning at practice.  The bus only seats 14, if you are not treating the York meet as championship I request you riding with someone.  We will work out final details tomorrow morning and it will be posted.

Halloween is on Sunday.  Please don't stay out late, please don't eat candy, please drink lots of water.  Please don't do anything stupid that could negate weeks of training due to blood glucose being out of whack, or lack of sleep, or any other possible combination.  Sacrifices are part of athletics, this is a minor one in the grand scheme.

Finally, girls competing in York as their final meet need to shave as close to the meet as possible.  A good rule is if it isn't in the suit shave it, including tops of feet, backs of hands, arms, palms(lots of dead skin), etc.  And for the record it won't grow back thicker.  Please note: no shaving will be allowed at the meet due to safety reasons.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

IMSA meet

Tonight is our final duel meet of the season.  Please head out right after school so we can get in on time and be organized when the meet starts.

IMSA is located at
1500 Sullivan Rd.
Aurora, IL 60506

View Larger Map

The pool is located on the West side of the building, park in the lot just south of the Tennis courts and the entrance will be right there.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekly Update

Some of you are nearly there, for other the beginning of Championship season is upon us.  I would like to start by congratulating the 4 seniors for surviving this year and for putting up some very solid performances on Saturday night.  Having the courage to walk into a new team and to stick with it is to be commended.  There were a lot of great swims, especially considering the heat.

Notes about this week.  Kids competing in the York Invite are done with morning practice until after next Monday.  Practice times are the standard, meet at IMSA on Tuesday. Sectional girls still have 2 mornings a week.

Girl's swimming in the York Invite will be basically everyone.  Without a conference meet this year many of the girls will be given this opportunity to just race, even if it is in off events.  I expect the meet to be horribly long(at least 2 hours, betting on 3+ though) and for the pool deck/stands to be very full.  I fully expect all the athletes to be there,  some will just do their workouts at York, and to be good teammates and cheer everyone on.

ATTENTION: Girl's who are treating the York Invite as a Championship meet need to swim on Sunday.  

I can not run an organized practice on Sunday, but with the meet on Monday being out of the water on Sunday is detrimental,  the girls will know what to do and it will only take about 20 minutes(meet warm-up).

If you are still thinking of ordering/picking up suits please do so soon so Swimmer's Edge is able to help you out.  If you still have questions I can answer them for you.

Finally,  we have either 1 or 3/4 weeks left of season.  Please eat super healthy, and drink lots of water.  While you should have been doing this all along if there was a time when it matters more than anything this is it.  The workload is going to drop way off and the body will not notice for a few days, but the caloric expenditure will notice almost immediately.  In other words, less work + same calorie intake = BAD.

I am super excited to see the start of Championship Season, and look forward to a great week in the pool/pit.

Friday, October 22, 2010

St. Francis Meet/Senior Night @ B.R. Ryall YMCA

I know this has been said at practice, but want to make sure everyone knows what is going on tomorrow.

Practice 9:30-11:30 Sectionals group(they know who they are)

Arrive at BR Ryall @ 5:45 PM please.
Warm-ups start @ 6:00 PM
Senior Night @ 6:30 PM
Meet Starts 6:45 PM

Please let me know if they are any questions.  We are going to try and hurry the meet along.

Please be ready to time if needed, we will likely need timers.

Finally, I will be at UIC during the day tomorrow.  Email will likely be the only way to reach me.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Elgin Meet

Tomorrow's swim meet will be at Elgin High School

1200 Maroon Drive
Elgin, IL 60120

View Larger Map

We will be getting in as close to 4pm as possible.  Please be there around 3:45 or a little earlier.

I do not know the door and will let everyone know soon as I get a email or call back.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Suit Ordering Information

I believe at this time most of the questions concerning suits have been asked and been answered, with 2 exceptions.

How to order?    Due to the logistics of ordering multiple types of suits in multiple sizes Mark and I have decided it is best for each swimmer/family to order their suits individually.  Simply call Swimmers Edge and ask for Mark.  Inform him you are from Glenbard West/South and he will give you the proper price.  We will be having to pay tax.

How to try on/What size?  Mark has agreed to let the swimmers try on the suits, however, if you rip it trying it on you will probably have to pay for it.  The sizes need to be as small as possible while still allowing easy movement.

What suit is best for my body shape?  Please be aware Blue Seventy is cut very narrow in the bust area, and may not be a comfortable fit for some girls.  The Speedo is cut for women with hips, which leads to some bunching(and therefore drag) in girl's who can't fill out the suit.  The Tyr and Arena are cut very similar, and functional for most shapes.

Most suits are in stock at Swimmer's Edge, but please order ASAP so as to avoid any issues.

Swimmer's Edge
7532 Janes Ave
Woodridge, IL 60517-2926
(630) 985-2334

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekly Update 10.17

We return to dual meets this week after a long, long lay off from them.  We will be at Elgin on Thursday night and at the BR Ryall YMCA on Saturday.

With only 2 weeks until the York Invite some of the girls will be beginning to taper off.  These girls know who they are as we have been splitting groups already this week.

If they are not swimming 2 individual events at Sectionals, they only have 1 morning practice this week.  They also don't have practice on Saturday.

Sectional kids have standard morning practice requirements as well as practice at the standard time on Saturday.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I am currently collecting information for anyone interested in ordering "suits".  Championship suits are a special type of swim suit that is faster, tighter, and simply better at helping the swimmer cut through the water.  Please note they are not required, however they are an unfortunate reality of swimming, and as such we would be at a disadvantage to not be wearing them.  Each suit has certain body types it fits better than other(eg. the Speedo is cut with hips) so ask questions if you need to.  The following are the prices for the 4 major competitors.

All suits are listed as the kneeskin, I would have to call for standard cut

Arena Revo-$211(this is my personal favorite suit)
B70 Nero TX-$180
Tyr Tracer C-$211(this suit is cut the highest, most girls like this one)

I list all 4 because a large number of people prefer certain suits.  Final note, this decision needs to be made quickly so please ask me if you have questions.

The majority of suits are in stock at Swimmer's edge, but I would still prefer ordering ASAP so suits can be changed out if they are an improper fit.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Weekly Update 10.10

Not much to put up right now, spent the entire day at work.

No morning practice tomorrow(the 11th).  The girls should know this.

All afternoon practices are standard time at Lifestart Wellness.  I shopped around for other locations but no one had a good price.

I will update this with more tomorrow.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Andrew Address

Just realized I forgot to mention the address for Andrew High School.

9001 W 171st St
Tinley Park, IL 60487

I know the pool is in the back of the building but don't remember which side.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Andrew Entries

Andrew Entries

I still have to move relay orders a little, but individually this is what I will be going with.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekly Update 10.03

Hope everyone had a good weekend.  There isn't a whole lot to talk about today since we didn't have a meet last week.

First,  the Andrew Invite is this coming Saturday.  The field is limited to 3 swimmers per event and 2 relays.  As such only 15(or so) girls will be swimming on Saturday.  Please be at the pool at 9am and ready to swim by 9:15am.  Warm-ups are very tight time wise so please make sure to be on time.  There are 14 teams in the meet including Lincoln Way North(whom we are 1-1 against), Glenbard North/East, and Stagg.  While obviously beating these teams is the goal, I am also trying to make sure people get to swim something they may not of at the last meet.  I have brought an initial entry into practice last week, so the girls should have a good idea if they are swimming or not.  I will post the "final" entry tomorrow during the day and bring it to practice.  If the girls aren't swimming I still encourage them to come support their teammates.

Standard practice schedule this week.  If you are swimming this weekend, I would suggest using Friday morning as your off if possible.

Finally,  we will be trying to have practice on Monday and Tuesday.  I know D41 is out so I assume the High Schools are as well.  As soon as I get a practice time I will let everyone know.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Practice change(s)

Sorry this went up so late, I didn't realize I had never made this post until one of the girls mentioned it was not on the main page.  2 very minor changes.

Tonight Thursday the 30th. We are done at 5:30

Saturday is 9am-11am

Saturday is being moved because of both homecomings.  I know the girls would like to get out ASAP, and I am more than happy to oblige.

I wanted to let everyone know that the entire team was invited to the South pep rally tonight.  Unfortunately, the new director didn't even know there was a swim team.  I am sorry that I was not more proactive in trying to get us into the rally.  Having talked to John Treiber(the AD) he is also very apologetic and wanted to make sure I stress to everyone this was entirely an accidental slight and one he feels very bad about.  He did contact me today during practice, and I did turn in a quick write-up to be read to the crowd.

With no meets this week there will likely be no "update" on Sunday outside a schedule (plus it is homecoming season and my house will be a bit busy).  That said, I have 2 links I would like to share with you.

First, drink more water!

Water Study

Second, I get very frustrated watching what the girls eat at meets.  While I am not saying my theories are the absolute answer, I will also be the first to admit they work for me.  The following is probably why I am stronger than I have ever been and weigh less than I have since I was in high school.

The Paleo Solution

Please note, I am not saying to do this. I am simply trying to explain to the girls (and therefore the parents) why I don't eat grains.  Do with it what you will.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekly Update

We have a standard practice schedule this week.  Saturday is still up in the air, as I would like to move it forward a little, but need to talk to Lifestart first.

Top Times by Name

Top Times by Event

Just to make sure everyone is aware, I have updated the record page to show all the times from this year.  For the relays everyone is limited to only once per year.  Otherwise we could have the same relay be the entirety of the top 10.

Please do your best to watch nutrition and rest over the next couple weeks, this is a long break without a meet and I fear it may get a bit tedious.  Good nutrition and sleep are extra important now.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wildcat Recap

Great Meet! I am so proud of everyone on how they all stepped up and handled the pressure, and everyone delivered over the weekend.  While we finished second, we did swim very well and the final gap of 21 points shows that....Results..

WV - 309
GSW - 288
LWN - 278
WC - 246

Event winners were...

Joy Xue, Connie Hsu, Meg Beese, Brenda Liu

Congratulations to everyone who had a season best time(which was 17 swimmer/17 swimmers)

Brenda, Meg, Hailey, Lucy, Katie S, Joanna, Connie, Jenny, Courtney, Brianne, Joy, Allie, Nicole, Jenna, Katie R, Elise, and Malvika

I can not express how proud I am of everyone's performance over the past 2 days.  This was the first time everyone swam with heart and emotion.  Keep that kind of effort up on a daily basis and I promise amazing things will happen.

The following is some required viewing.  We have struggled to get our Breaststroke kicks were they need to be, so please watch and be ready to see it on Monday

Breaststroke - 3-2-1 STRETCH from Glenn Mills on Vimeo.

The narrator knows about Breaststroke.  He has 3 medals in it.

I will put up the weekly update post tomorrow.  However, I would like to request full attendance on Monday morning.  At the girl's request it is time for boot.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Wildcat Entry - Relays

First off, great night for everyone.  You know it is a good day of swimming when the biggest disappointment is someone being a bit to aggressive.  Below are the relay entries for tomorrow.  I changed a couple of small things after seeing how people were looking/behaving late in the meet.  I feel the 6 relays below allow us the best oppurtunity to keep running down Waubonsie Valley.

Relay Entries

This will continue to be updated as I do some more math on results from this evening.  I know I'm a nerd.

After prelims we have significantly closed the gap on WV.  Originally we were spotting almost 70 points to them, as well as 3 or 4 to WC, but if the meet ended now....

WV - 308
GSW - 280
WC - 259

Be fired up, be loud, and most importantly be ready to race tomorrow.  We can catch them, it is only a matter of how bad do you want it.

Finally, congratulations to Connie Hsu.  She was recently named a USA Swimming Academic All-American.  That is kinda a big deal.....

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sectional Assignment

This is not a focus at the moment, but wanted to let everyone know.

We are in the Elmhurst(York) Sectional.  There are 4 teams of note other than us in that Sectional.
Downers Grove North

I will talk in more detail about sectionals at a later date.

Please remember tomorrow is going to be a long day.  Make sure to have food with you for at the meet.  Being on a hot deck all evening without any food is not a good idea.

Wildcat Championship Meet

Please be at West Chicago Community High School by 3:15 or so on Friday.  The pool is located at the far north end of the building.  They have requested we use Entrance E which is on the East part of the building right next to the pool.  Address is...

326 Joliet St.
West Chicago, IL 60185

View Larger Map

I am looking forward to this weekend.  We have a great chance to swim very fast against a very deep field of swimmers.    See everyone there.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekly Update

Not a lot of news to post about, but did want to talk about a couple things.  First is a small schedule change.  We will only be practicing from 3:30pm - 5:00pm on Thursday.  This is due to a number of small things, greatest of which is a 2 day meet on Friday/Saturday.  As a suggestion, with a long meet on Friday(I am guessing 9:00 pm plus) and then turning around and swimming again on Saturday, it is probably best to come to Monday and Wednesday morning practice if possible.  Friday is already going to be long enough without making it even longer.  Below are the current Wildcat Championship entries, as always these are not 100% final

Wildcat Entries

If you/your daughter are not listed, please try your best to attend.  I, of course, can not make it required but feel their is great value in being there and cheering for your teammates.

Below are the weekly updates to the top times list

By Name

By Event

Finally, I want to apologize for being a bit late on Friday morning.  I got all the way to South and then realized that I had forgot my coaching bag, which of course had the keys.  Thanks to everyone for waiting, I appreciate it.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Practice Update

Updated schedule is as follows:

Friday - 2:00 to 4:00
Saturday - 10:00 to 12:00

Unfortunately that is the earliest I could get the pool on Friday.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Morton Recap and lots of stuff

Congratulations on another conference win to all the girls, the final Score was

US - 132
Morton - 35

The event winners for the top division were...

Connie, Bri, Katie, Elise, Meg, Joanna, Nicole, Courtney, Allie, Joy, Jenny, Elise, and Colleen

People who achieved season best times were...

Jenny, Courtney, Connie, Kallan, Brenda, Allie, Colleen, Nicole, Bri, Katie R, Katie S, Malvika, Alayne, Lucy, Hailey, and Joy

Now on for the updates about practice and meets.

First off for practice.  We do have practice Friday afternoon and on Saturday. The times of both are not set in stone at this time however.  I have a request in to Lifestart Wellness to look at moving Friday forward a little bit so everyone can enjoy an evening off.  I have Saturday scheduled for 10-12, but am still waiting on a reply for the exact time on that as well.

We have now exited the majority of our dual meet season.  Over the next month we only have 2 meets, both of which are Championship Meets that I will be forced to have a limited number of entries into.  Next Friday & Saturday we will be at the West Chicago Prelim/Final.  With a prelim/final meet everyone will swim on Friday night trying to qualify for finals on Saturday.  The top 12 swimmers from Friday night will be brought back and swim the event again on Saturday afternoon.  This is a great opportunity to get a feel for how HS state is run at the end of the season.  The meet is expected to be very fast with 2 top 20 teams, LW North(who won Fremd), and us.  We can enter 4 girls per individual and 2 teams per relay.  I will be going with the lineup that gives us the best chance of winning the meet,  unfortunately there is a possibility that some people will not be able to swim in this meet.  I will have entries done by Friday night at practice.  I am still expecting everyone to attend both sessions and cheer for their team regardless of competing.

We are going to start working pretty heavily on Pull-ups over the next couple weeks of dryland.  The easiest way for most people to get their chin over the bar is the "kip", below is a video from a trainer on the progression of how to get there.  Please watch and do your best to understand, especially the hip drive as that seems to be the biggest hurdle.

And just for fun, how kipping can be done REALLY REALLY well.  Warning the last 20 seconds are kinda gross.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Morton Information

We can not get into the pool at Morton until 4pm.  As such please be there by 3:45 so we can get in as soon as we are allowed.  The entrance is on the west by the tennis courts.  Once I get there I will text the Captains the entrance number and try to help them out.

We will be working on relay exchanges tomorrow after warm-ups,  this is what we want....

As a side the guy who won the first leg did it in the fastest time ever recorded.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

University Recap and Weekly Update

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Let me first start with the recap of the meet from Saturday afternoon.

Glenbard - 149
Chicago - 83
Uni Urbana - 76

Congrats to the event winners

Meg, Brenda, Joy, Hailey, Katie R, Allie, and Joanna

Congrats on everyone who went a best time.

Courtney, Kallan, Allie, Nicole, Bri, Katie R, Katie S, Malvika, Jenna, Elise, Joanna, Alayne, Hailey

With regards to the meet for Tuesday,  I have emailed the coach multiple times and have not gotten a response.  I know we are supposed to be at Morton West High.  I believe the pool at that building is on the West near the tennis courts.  If I ever get a response I will let you know.

The next big information is concerning morning dryland.  I am aware a large number of girls were struggling therefore I have decided to only make 2 mornings a week mandatory for morning practice.  Any 2 days are fine.  Please choose whatever days work best for you.  I still encourage 3 mornings a week attendance.

Finally, I have updated the 2 top times list

By Name

By Event

Friday, September 10, 2010

University Meet Information

Tomorrow is our last meet of the week.  We will be swimming at the Gerald Ratner Center on the University of Chicago campus. 

Gerald Ratner Center
5530 South Ellis Avenue
Chicago, IL 60637

View Larger Map

Please be at the pool by 12:15, warm-ups start at 12:30, meet starts at 1:30.  We have been invited to stay after the met for a bit and eat pizza with the other two teams.  Please try to stay for just a bit,  they have been very gracious is inviting us into this ongoing series between the two schools, and a proper thank you would be much appreciated. 

I will see everyone tomorrow.

Finally, Lt. Murphy was today's hero.

Non-official link

I have met SO2 Luttrell.  I would recommend to everyone read his book "Lone Survivor".  The men who wear that trident are my heroes.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Reminder: Practice's tomorrow

Just wanted to remind everyone that we do have morning practice tomorrow at West.  Please enter through the front doors off of Ellyn Ave.  The far right one was open last Monday, and I would expect the same again.  Ellyn Ave is the road between the 2 buildings.

We will also have afternoon practice from 3:30-5:30 at Lifestart.  From now I will be letting people in through the Lifestart doors from 3:10-3:20ish.  If they are late for whatever reason use the doorbell and buzz in.

Finally, here is information on today's hero.

Staff Sergeant Travis W. Atkins

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Proviso Meet Recap, and Lifestart Information

I must admit the Proviso meet earlier tonight was a bit of a letdown.  While we didn't swim "bad" we definately didn't swim well either.  If you/your daughter was one of the people that went as fast or faster than last night, be commended.  There were a large number of swimmers who added about 10% from the night before, unfortunately this ratio was far greater than those who improved or went nearly as fast.  This is unacceptable and will be discussed more in the future.

GSW - 122
PW - 24

Congratulations to the Event winners...

Connie, Joy, Nicole, Elise, Joanna, Katie S, Lucy, Jenna, Courtney, Hailey, Allison, Alayne, Brenda, and Jenny.

Also Congrats to everyone who went a season best time.

Kallan, Allie, Katie S, Jenna, and Elise

For tomorrow, and everything moving forward at Lifestart.  I will be there very early tomorrow(just early all other days) to let everyone into the training pool.  I ask that everyone be respectful, polite, and otherwise on their best behavior.  We are guest at the pool and I would expect everyone to behave as such.

Finally,  this week is Hero week.  While not as major as Intrasquad in grandeur, it makes up for it in importance.  As most everyone knows, I have very close ties to the military, and Naval Special Warfare in particular.  Since I resigned from my job with NSW I have received 3 "calls" concerning my former students.  My goal with this week is to help everyone understand the importance of these great men and women.  Most kids don't know the sacrifices people have made since 9 years ago this coming Saturday.  If nothing else I hope to open a few eyes to how lucky we all are to be doing what we are.

Today we saluted the CIA seven.  The workout was simple, effective and full of reminders about those who gave their all.

7 rounds:
7 pushups
7 ground to overhead(45#)
7 dumbbell swings (20#)

OPRF Meet Recap

Last night we lost a meet by all of 3 points.  The final Scores were

OPRF - 128
GSW - 125
RB - 69
We also got second in the JV division.

Congratulations to the following girls who won events.

Joy, Katie R, Connie, Hailey, Brenda, and Meg

Congratulations to the following for putting up season best times

Jenny, Katie S, Joy, Allison, Katie R, Meg, Jenna, Connie, and Colleen.

Tonights meet will be much different as Proviso has so few girls and no swim club that feeds the program.  Everyone will be using this meet to take an opportunity to swim some off events.  Parents I will need everyone to sign permission slips/liability waivers before practice tomorrow at Lifestart.  I will have these with me tonight so please make sure you grab one if you make it out.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Proviso Information

Since we are going back to back meets I wanted to put up all the information for the Proviso meet now.

Proviso West High School
4701 W. Harrison 
Hillside, IL 60162

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Enter Door 7 off of Wolf Rd.

The meet entries will be done later today,  I am still waiting to hear back from their coach concerning format.

See everyone tonight

Monday, September 6, 2010

Oak Park/Riverside Brookfield Meet

Sorry that this is going up so late, the day got away from me.  First off below is the address and directions to Riverside/Brookfield High School

160 Ridgewood Rd.
Riverside, IL 60546

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The pool is located on the far Southeast corner of the building.  The door closest to 1st and Ridgewood will be open.  Parking is available along the side of the football field at the other end of the building.  Please drive over to the meet right after school.  I would like everyone to check in by 3:30 and be in the water by 3:45.

I have three attachments to throw up, including entries.

OPRF/RB Entries

Top times per person

Top Times per event

Tomorrow is the first time we will have to sit through diving.  Please make sure the girls have something to do. Diving can take as long as an hour and this is good time to get some smaller homework assignment complete.  I am well aware we might get home very late, as such Wednesday morning is in limbo until the meet is over.  I will not make that decision until I see what time the meet is completed.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fremd Recap and Basic Information

So that meet was extremely crazy, and hopefully it was a lot of fun for everyone who got to come and watch.  We ended up in fourth place out of the 8 teams that came to the meet.  That said everyone had 1 great swim today and I made sure they knew it.  Congrats to the event winners.....

Meg, Brenda, Joy, Courtney, Nicole, Katie R, Allie, Connie, Hailey, Jenna, and Lucy

This is obviously a large number of our girls, I am looking forward to watching everyone get more aggressive in their races over the next week.

I do have a couple notes from the meet.  First, and by far most important, is the attitude by people not swimming at that moment.  Sitting down and not even facing the pool is not acceptable.  Everyone who swims for this team has been through the same amount of work and pain as everyone else.  Support them through the 2 minutes or so of racing.  The racing is the reason we get up at 5am for practice.  I can not overstate how disappointed I was in the lack of enthusiasm that you guys as a team showed.  Second,  today was an exception due to the fact that it was a holiday weekend and some people had to get out of town and others had to get to relatives, but moving forward we will always do a team warm-down.  Do not get changed early and stay on deck to cheer your teammates.  If a meet runs unreasonably long I will make a judgment call on how long warm down should be. 

Finally, let me touch on the notes for next week.  No practice Monday, but please do something active for 30 minutes (anything at all including walking).  Tuesday meet at Riverside Brookfield.  Wednesday morning at South, and meet at Proviso.  For the Proviso meet a large number of girls are going to be swimming exhibition.  This is a great chance for some of the girls to get some high finishes and add to there points totals that go towards earning a varsity letter.  Thursday and Friday are practice at Lifestart Wellness.  Thursday will also include dryland.  Saturday we have a meet against University Lab High School at University of Chicago.  This is a fantastic pool and one of the few in the country I haven't seen yet, so I am excited to go take a look.

I will post the lineup for the OPRF/RB tri and top times so far this season late tomorrow or early Monday.  Next week is another special week as well, that information will be introduced about the same time.  Please keep an eye out for them.


Friday, September 3, 2010

Fremd Relay Information

The Fremd Relay's are tomorrow.  Please be there at 8:15am so we can get in the water right at 8:30am.

Fremd High School
1000 South Quentin Rd.
Palatine, IL 60067

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The entrance to the pool will be in the back of the school.  Please let me know if there are any questions.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


So, one meet into the season we now have a 2-0 record.  Not bad for about 90 minutes of work.  Here were the final scores:

Varsity- 141 us - 100 Dekalb - 66 Ottawa
JV - 121 us - 69 Ottawa - 47 Dekalb

I know most of you don't have a lot of experience with swimming scoring, but 2 points ahead in swimming is more like 3 in a ball sport.  In other words, this is a seriously big win over a solid team. Congratulations to everyone who won an event (varsity level only)...

Connie, Brenda, Joy, Katie R, Hailey, Allison

I know there were a number of best times,  I would post these but unfortunately don't have much of a database to work from.  I would like to congratulate everyone on good swims.  I believe every single person came up to me at some point during the meet and said that was a great swim and I'm very proud of all of you.

There are 2 new tabs along the top bar I wanted to share with you.  First is the records tab.  This will have a list of all the top 10 times throughout the 2 schools history since 1975.  I would like to offer a huge thanks to Mrs. Davit for doing so much work to compile the lists.  Please note the actual web link is still a work in progress.  Second is the link to the Test Set results.  At the bottom of the link you can select results for all 5 different test sets. I share this because there is no better understanding of how the girls are performing on a day to day basis than looking at practice results.  Next week will be the first time we start to hit the same workout a second time and this will be a great chance to compare the results.  Please understand that I have different expectations each time the set is issued, and those are not shared on a simple spreadsheet.  This data is to be used in measuring individual performance.

Finally, tomorrow is our last day in the great outdoors.  Next week we head into our home pool for the remainder of the season.  Thank you to everyone who helped set up pool time at Butterfield,  the girls and I are eternally grateful for being able to spend a great month in the sun.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Important Dekalb Meet Information

Tomorrow's meet at Dekalb will not be at the High School.  It will be at Kishwaukee YMCA whose address and maplink is below.

Kishwaukee YMCA
2500 W. Bethany Rd.
Dekalb, IL 60115

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I will be there around 3:45.  Please drive carefully and I will see you there.


Welcome to the second month of swim season.  More importantly though, welcome to the start of competition season!  Our first meet is tomorrow at Dekalb High School. With this being a parent funded team we will have to drive to all of our meets on our own,  please drive very carefully.  I told the girl's this morning that I will have the lineup done this evening at practice.  Please understand that dual meet lineups are not due until seconds before each event and are subject to change throughout the meet.

I want to remind everyone one more time about morning practice expectations.
All practices are required.
Everyone is allowed 1 absence, no explanation needed.
We will be alternating schools as best as possible.
After the first absence all subsequent absences will need to be made up the following morning.
This is all in the handbook and was discussed at the Parent meeting.

Finally,  I have told the girls but want everyone to know that I have left BR Ryall swim team.  I have accepted a position as Head Senior Coach at Hickory Willow Swim Association.  I am very disappointed to have left the Y, but this is the best thing for me and my family.  This will also not affect my HS coaching ability as HWSA practices at Conant HS and much later than we do, so I will never have a schedule conflict.

See everyone tomorrow night.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Next Week Schedule Change

I wanted to let everyone know that we have added a meet at the last second for next week.  On Tuesday night we will be swimming at Riverside Brookfield in a tri meet along with Oak Park-River Forest.  This is a make up since the OPRF pools are no usable at the moment.  Combine this with Wednesday morning practice and a meet on Wednesday night, next week is going to be rough.  Luckily, next week is the worst week and the only week that is bad at all.  All of this information has been added to the calendar.

Reminder about tomorrow mornings practice.  Enter door 19, be there and ready to start at 6am.  Once I go inside to start practice the doors will lock behind me.  Door 19 is under the fieldhouse, from the Park Ave. entrance it will be on your left across from the baseball field.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Wednesday Morning Dryland and Fremd Invite Information

For Wednesday morning dryland, and all drylands at South we will be entering through door 19.  Parking can be done right in front of the door without any concern as long as the girls move their cars fairly quickly after we are done with practice.  Any questions please let me know.

For Saturday's meet at Fremd High School,  warm-ups will start at 8:30 and I would like to be in right at 8:30.  The meet is also a relay meet.  Relay meets are fairly wild and tend to be very exciting.    I am looking forward to everyone getting to experience one of the more unique formats to HS swimming.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Morning Practice Info

First off please let me congratulate the Green team for their victory over intersquad week.  The final score was 80-75.  Which means the meet was a complete tie and the victory came down to the fact green team performed better throughout the week.  For those of you who don't understand meet scoring enough,  the difference of 5 points in a dual meet is nothing more than 1 team not winning a relay.  If green wouldn't have won the last relay the score would have been 79-76 to the blue team.  Basically every point counts in a close meet.

For practice tomorrow,  please enter through the North doors of Biester Gym(the lower building) by the faculty lot.  I know some people have never been there so I am going to try and stay outside by the doors right until 6am.  The girls have access to the PE locker room if they need to get changed. We will be done a little before 7 so everyone can get to their required school.  Finally, please make sure to bring water, closed toed shoes, school appropriate workout clothes, and something to eat after practice.

See everyone bright and early.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Helium Stick Results, and info for tomorrow.

So today was the Helium stick challenge.  Basically all the girls had to get a very light stick balanced on there fingers then lower it to the ground.  Kinda like this.  Note how the stick is so light the act of keeping the fingers on it raises it, hence the name.

Everyone ended up working together very well and both teams got the stick to about thigh high before the stick started to move back up. The green team did marginally better and will be awarded one point.  Final scores are, the simplified score I will use tomorrow in parentheses.

Green - 19(5)
Blue - 14(0)

For the meet tomorrow... We will warm up at 9:30 and start competition at 10:00am.  The meet should last between and hour and 90 minutes.  If we have time after we will probably warm down or do some drills.  There will be a light dryland from 11:30 till noon.  I encourage everyone who can make it to come and cheer on all the girls.

Scoring will be as follows
Relays - 8-4-2 limit 2 per team
Individual - 6-4-3-2-1 limit 3 per team

I will update scores after each event.  The winners will receive the ultimate prize....

Quality of prize likely to be much less

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dryland Race Results

So today's activity was our dryland race.  The girls did a great job on it and both teams ended up beating the goal time of 20 minutes.  All of the girls have vastly improved in all of the dryland movements already.  The blue team earned 10 points, 5 for winning and 5 for beating the time.  The green time also got 5 points for beating the goal time.  New scores.

Green - 18
Blue - 14

I forgot to mention last night but the Oak Park-River Forest meet, listed as Sept. 16th, has been postponed till later in the season due to their pool/s being closed.  Hopefully we can get in to swim them later in the season, but for now it is a no go.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Score update and some meet news

We played a modified version of water polo today for our activity.  It was a bit of a wash with the green team scoring 3 goals to the blue teams 0.  Updated scores are...

Green - 13
Blue - 4

The calendar for next week has been posted through Friday.  Yes, we are starting morning workouts next week.  I will add another post once I have exact procedure on how to get into the buildings and where to park etc.  We are only going to have 2 morning next week to help the girls adjust a bit.

For the Dekalb meet we can get into the pool at 3:30.  However, do to the amount of travel we will be planning on getting in around 3:45-4:00.  This allows for an hour to get out there,  which I know is very tight on time, but we will be training before the meet starts.  I will post the information for the Andrew meet as soon as I get it.

On Saturday all of practice will be open for the intersquad meet.  This will be the culmination of all weeks extra activities and should be good fun.

Finally, I am very happy to announce that we got into a York JV Invite on November 1st.  This will be the last meet for the athletes who don't make the Sectional team.  I am super excited that these girls are going to get a championship meet.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Relay Race Fun

Relay races were a whole lot of fun today.  Green won 2 race, Blue won 0.  We had 3 races, but unfortunately everyone lost in the Boat Race.

Green 10
Blue 4

Monday, August 23, 2010

Apology and Updated Score

First off, please let me apologize for leaving two of the girls off the intersquad rosters last night.  I don't know how I missed them but luckily someone alerted me.  I am truly sorry and hope no one feels slighted.

Today was quiz day.  The girl's dazzled with there knowledge of random trivia......

The Green team scored 27 points
The Blue team scored 31 points
To keep the numbers small and easier to keep track of the score will be simplified

BLUE - 4

Tomorrow is weird relay day.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Intersquad Week!!!

Welcome to one of my favorite weeks of the season.  Over the course of the week we will be doing a number of non traditional games/activities to challenge the girl's both individually and as a team.  The schedule of activities for the week is as follows.

Monday-Trivia Challenge
Tuesday-Silly Relays
Wednesday-Slot Polo
Thursday-Team WOD
Friday-Helium Stick
Saturday-Intersquad Meet

All activities will be done during normal practice time.  Speaking of normal practice times we have switched to the afternoons for this week. The two teams are as follows

Green                                                     Blue
Katie Roeing                                          Alayne Theodore
Jenny Armstrong                                     Meg Beese
Kallan Land                                           Courtney Boak
Colleen Mulchrone                                 Connie Hsu
Allie McGavok                                       Brenda Liu
Nicole Otero                                          Katie Sheline
Bri Price                                                 Malvika Singh
Joanna Szewczyk                                   Elise Sundberg
Lucy Vasquez                                        Jenna Strohbusch
Joy Xue                                                 Hailey Walch

Look for the schedule moving forward to come out soon.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Concerning Weather

Just wanted to make sure everyone knows that we will still have practice regardless of what type of weather we end up getting tomorrow(or any other future dates).  Make sure the girls have cell phones in case of severe weather and we finish early because of it.

Reminder, if you daughter is going to miss practice send me an email.  I lose track of what days who is missing and email is the easiest way to keep it all in one place.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Photo Reminder

Just a friendly reminder about tomorrows Team Pictures.  Please be at Duchon at 4:15 so we can be quick with the pictures.  Wear your team suit and jean shorts.

Below is a video of something we have been talking about a lot at practice recently.  Kitajima is widely considered the greatest male breaststroker of all time.  More amazingly Kosuke is rather small, by world class swimming standards, and does almost everything on form.

Make sure to watch it a couple times and see how fast his hand are.
Look how stretched out he is on every single stroke, you want to hit this position on every stroke of fly and breast
Look at when his kick is and how fast his feet move.  He uses his momentum from the pull to help him start the kick.

Do ignore the pullouts though, he is the only one in the world doing that right now.

See everyone tomorrow.

Handbook Posted, And A Request For Help

I just added the team handbook that I read from last night.  Please read through it and ask about anything that doesn't make sense.  Added at the very end is something that I forgot to discuss last night.  Letters will be awarded for meeting any one of the following criteria.

Scoring at Sectionals or higher
Scoring at Conference
Holding a team record at the end of the season
Averaging 6 points per dual meet over the course of the season, including relays.
Winning an end of year award
100% attendance

Every member of the team is capable of achieving something on that list.  It is my goal that everyone has a realistic opportunity to letter.

As you noticed one of the methods to earn a letter is to hold a team record at the end of the season.  However, with this being a new team the record book has not yet been compiled.  If anyone has hard results from last year I would appreciate being able to borrow them.  The girls have also said that they would like to use all previous results.  This means that times from as early as 1976 will be used in calculating the team records.  I will be combining both the South and West times from the past into a single list and post that as soon as possible.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Stuff to bring for Dryland and more....

For the week of Monday, August 16th, dry-land will be added on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  The girls will need to bring shorts and shoes.  If they are unable to perform a basic conditioning movement, running, squats or push-ups please let me know ASAP.  Also make sure they drink plenty of fluids before practice, as it has been hot and sunny.  There is no such thing as too much fluids in this weather.  Everyone did a great job last week with the initial adjustment and I am excited to see this team grow together.

I look forward to talking to everyone on Monday, August 16th at 7:00pm for the parent meeting.  We will be meeting at the Glenbard West Auditorium.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Extra Stuff to Bring to Practice.

Just wanted to make sure that everyone knows how important water is at practice.  Given the heat and the amount of sun we could get at any given practice the girls should be drinking about 32 oz. of water per practice. Please make sure they at least bring a water bottle to practice, they can refill it if they need to.

Second,  since we are outdoors sunscreen probably isn't a bad idea.  Doesn't have to be anything super strong, but just something to think about.

We had a great practice today, and I am looking forward to tomorrow.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Important Tryout Information

Tryouts will be held this coming Wednesday and Thursday from 9:30-11:30 am at Butterfield Park District Aquatic Center.  Hopefully no cuts will be necessary, but due to district rules a tryout must be held.  The only equipment required is a suit, goggles, and a cap. No other gear is mandatory at this time.

Please have all the required sheets filled out at your respective high schools before tryouts (forms can be found on your high school website), as anyone who has not completed the forms will be unable to participate.

I understand that some students may have their final day of summer school on the same day as try outs.  If this is the case, please let me know as soon as possible so I can put you/your child's name on the roster and count them as in attendance.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at