Thursday, November 17, 2011

Final State Meet Stuff

Okay so the following is the State Meet Information.

Leave South 11:30
Leave West 11:45
Lunch on Bus(Provided)
Meet Start 3:30
Dinner on way home(Provided)

Swimmers Arrive - 11:30
Non-Swimmer Arrive by - 12:30
Meet Start - 1:00

Sunday - Relax.....Or go to the LCM Time Trial......

Monday - Practice, just kidding....

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ticket Information

Okay we have 18 tickets.....Priority is given as follows

Other Relatives
School Affiliations(teachers/counselors)

Please email me asap with quantity and for which days.  Please note tickets on friday are hard to come by, but Saturday is almost never sold out.

Hsu - 2
McGavock - 2
Beese - 2
Gniatczyk - 2
Xue - 2
Lucy - 1
Hsu - 1


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sectional Results

Congrats on a very successful Sectionals to all the girls.  We finished a solid third overall and picked up points on our projected finish.  Overall a very successful day.

Congrats to the state Qualifiers
Meg Beese
Kasia Gniatczyk
Connie Hsu
Joy Xue
Allie McGavock
Brenda Liu
Hailey Walch
Katie Sheline
Courtney Boak

Practice will be at the dungeon on Monday at normal time and on Tuesday at 3:45ish.  I apologize for the late start on Tuesday, but I have boy's pictures at West.

Wednesday and Thursday practice are still being sorted out.

Ticket information for state will go up tomorrow.  Please note we have 19 tickets.  I plan on using all of them.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sectional Week

The final week, or at least the final guaranteed week, is here.  Sectionals will be this Saturday at Downers Grove North, the same pool as conference, starting at 1pm.  I am hoping to take a bus to the meet, and I will update as needed.

Practice is at Lifestart Mon,Tue,Wed.  I am trying to find a pool w/blocks for Thursday and Friday.  Please keep options open.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sectional Roster

Congratulations to the Sectional Roster

Meg Beese
Courtney Boak
Kasia Gniatczyk
Connie Hsu
Paige Lay
Brenda Liu
Allie McGavock
Katie Sheline
Hailey Walch
Joy Xue

We have morning practice offered on Monday and Wednesday.  People who tapered for conference need to come to both mornings.  The girls who are Sectional Taper only have 1 morning of there choice.  Connie has 2, sorry Connie.

I will bring the line-up tomorrow.

Everyone else should start looking into the year round options.  If you need any help, or suggestions please just ask.

As a reminder our conference meet was a sanctioned USA Swimming meet.  Upon going to your club team let your coach know that our conference meet was sanctioned so that your coach can enter your times into the USA swimming database.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Conference Recap

So, our first taper meet of the season has come and gone.  Congratulations to everyone who shaved and tapered and had a championship meet where the entire group batted 1.000(which is a first for me).  Congratulations to the following who earned new Illinois swimming Regional Qualifying times


I can not stress how proud I am to have such a dedicated group of girls who dug in, committed to the program,  and got complemented over and over today by the other coaches.

Sectional team will be posted sometime tomorrow once I get some other results and figure out what the top tier(presumed state Qualifiers) are swimming.  As has been discussed at practice, nothing is set in stone and I have to look at the likely times needed to score the most possible points at our Sectional meet in order to figure out who swims what.  I know we had a number of swim-offs today, but they could end up null.  The girls should know this.

Finally,  time to start the reminders about swimming year round.  The reasoning is simple,  we have limited facilities, we train to be an elite team, and there is a 300+ kid behemoth of a summer league team(plus 2 other 100+ kid teams).  There is only 1 kid from the Sectional "team" who doesn't swim year round, this is not a coincidence.  I like to think everyone had fun this year on the team and that everyone wants to swim on the team next year.....

For year round swimming there are three simple rules to follow if you aren't already on a team.

1)  Go to a team where you will go to practice every day.  I require 90% attendance, that number should be a minimum to achieve your goals.  Location, times, and team dynamic are what matter.

2) Go to a team where you will work hard.  Few coaches will get on you as much as I do, so find a program where the style will help you motivate yourself.

3) Go to a program where you will get coached.  Any one can throw a workout on the board, that takes no skill,  but no one has perfect mechanics and everyone needs to be coached a little.  Each team is different, if you don't feel you will be getting coached then it doesn't matter about 1 and 2.

Please note,  there is no mention of going where your friends are, what is convenient, what is the easiest, or what is cheapest.  I don't care where you swim, I care you do and that you do it right.

Disclaimer:  I am a coach at a club team, but this isn't about swimming at my club. This is about swimming period.

Once again I am very happy, and very proud of what happened today at DGN.  This team has a very long strong future, do your part to make sure you are as much a part of it as you can be.

Friday, October 28, 2011


Very quickly....

Practice will be at Oak Brook Tower today.  Bensenville is no longer willing to rent the pool during the 3:30-5:30 time slot.  I am exploring other locations for the last couple of days before Sectionals.

We are now 100% taking a white bus from West to the meet tomorrow for the conference kids.  Please be ready to leave at 11am.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Conference Week

I know this should have gone up long ago, but I was trying to wait on final details.  None of which have arrived at this time.

First, we are trying to have practice at Bensenville on Friday.  This can not be confirmed at this time.  More details tomorrow.

Second, we are planning on taking a little bus to conference.  This is 90% lock.  The little bus will leave the district administration building, on Crescent at West, at 11am on Saturday.  Due to the nature of such a small vehicle only conference championship kids will be on the bus.  I expect them all to ride it.  We don't get the busses often but they are one of the best parts of being a team(the sheer goofyness is worth it).

We have discussed this at practice, but please have the girls put on/take off their suits a few times when completely dry.  make sure to never (EVER!!) use fingers to pull the suit up, use a pinching grip.  Holes in suits happen, but they are awful and there won't be a stack of extra suits at the meet.  Practice makes perfect.

Athletes who are suiting and swimming in the medley,200,IM, or 50 need to ride the bus in their warm-up suits.  We want to get in right away so they don't have to rush to get suits on.  Easiest way to do it.

Finally, congratulations to our Academic All-Conference team of

Connie Hsu
Allie McGavock
Elise Sundberg

Quite an accomplishment girls.

Keep eyes open for Bensenville information.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Metea Directions

Below are the Directions to Metea Valley High School

View Larger Map

Please have the girls there and ready by 8:45 am.  We will be getting in at 9am for warm-ups.  Make sure to turn in at the light.  I don't know where the pool is within the school, but it should be fairly well marked.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Below are directions to Lyons South.  Same pool and building as the relay meet early in the year.

View Larger Map

It is their Senior night.  I will also have entries for Metea. Metea is like Andrew and a limited entry meet.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Proviso Meet

Below are Directions to tonight's meet.  Entrance is South West door, right under an awning.

View Larger Map

Should be fairly quick, they do have 6 Seniors, but no diving.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekly update - Meet Week

2/4/5 weeks left!!!

This week is LOOONNNNGGGG!!!! I warned the girls last week to be on top of it and to get ahead of all their work.  We have 4, yes 4 meets this week.  Tuesday @ Proviso. Thursday @ Lyons (a senior night). Friday @ the Y (our senior night). And finally Saturday @ Metea.  The calendar will be updated shortly with what time for each of those meets.  I will announce who is swimming on Saturday no later than Wednesday.

As a reminder, I need to know who isn't available for meets ASAP.  I plan to have all lineups done by tomorrow afternoon.  With so many meets I am trying to balance everyone out so they don't get worn out and overdone on events, as such please let me know so I don't have to change 3/4 meets worth of entries after the fact.

I know people are starting to get suits.  If you have questions let me know.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Hinsdale, and Moving Forward

Great job by everyone last night.  Though we lost, we had a ton of great swims and are continuing to grow moving forward.  Congrats to the season best times

Jenny, Meg, Courtney, Brandi, Paige, Brenda, Marina, Malvika, Maddie, Elise, and Hailey

Pretty good results for still being tired and sluggish...

Just want to remind everyone to get on suit orders ASAP, the suit prices are in a previous post.  Call Swimmer's Edge and make sure to try them on.  The do make a big difference,  the best analogy I have heard is comparing them to soccer/football cleats on wet grass, the can make that much of a difference.

I am trying to finalize all of our meet entries for the rest of the year.  Please email with what dates you/your child can't be at a meet due to school/other extracurriculars/ACT test so that I can keep it all straight and complete everything.

Finally, the sectional entries are done.  They can still change, but at this point in time little to no changes will be made.  The only changes that would be made will require swims that are beyond expectations and therefore forcing a change in likely outcome.  I have kept the girls up to date on the roster for the course of the entire season, so hopefully everyone knows what/if they are swimming.  Relays are still be decided on, but those can(and have) been decided at the Sectional meet.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Suit Prices

Below are the suit prices.  Please get on this as soon as possible, they really do make a big difference.

Speedo  - $211
Blue Seventy - $230-240
Arena - $270

Since I know we have had a lot of questions about the Matea meet, it starts at 10.  Should last approx. as long as the Andrew meet did.

Hinsdale Map, oops

Below is the map to Hinsdale Central High School.  Meet starts at 5pm we are warming up at approx 4pm.

View Larger Map

Sorry for going up super late.  It is their Senior night please be prepared.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Standard Wednesday Morning Practice Tomorrow

We will be having normal morning practice Wednesday morning at Glenbard South. 

In fact the calendar for the rest of the week is posted.  See everyone in the morning.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weekly Update - Suits and Video Page

Once again, I am very proud to say I have a nice shiny plaque on my mantel from this past Saturday's meet.

Now then, time to talk about the elephant in the room, suits.  I don't want to say these are a required part of championship swimming, but for all common purposes they are.  You will not see a single athlete at High School State without one, period. This link explains part of the reason that the old "SUPER" suit was so powerful.  The most visually striking portion is right at 50 seconds in.  That is a HUGE amount of drag.

 For those of you who purchased suits last year, you need to test the suit first.  So please try to follow the testing methodology.  Take a portion of the suit and cup it in your hand.   Make sure it is mostly wrinkle free, but not stretched tight.  Poor approx. 1 TBS of water in the "cup" and swish it around for a second.  If the water beads for an entire minute and can be poured out and wiped out without any absorption then the suit is likely good for one more meet.  For the record, I expect my elite level swimmers to buy a new suit every championship season(up to 3 times per year).  Yes it is expensive, but that is how much of a difference those suits make. As a final reminder, if the suit straps come more than 2 fingers over the shoulders upon lifting it is too large.  All suits should come down to the knee, they are that much better.

There are 3 types of suits I recommend.  Final decision comes down to the athlete, and whichever suit they find the most comfortable.  I will add prices whenever I can get a hold of Mark @ Swimmer's Edge.

Blue Seventy - Probably my favorite suit at the moment, but cut very narrow at the top.  This can lead to certain exposure issues for certain body types.

Arena (the new one) - Fastest suit of the bunch, but very fragile.  These suits struggle to survive a 4 day meet(yes those exists) and rips by far the easiest.  They also stretch very easily and that can lead to a huge bubble trapped if the suit is purchased in the wrong size.

Speedo LZR - Probably the second best option.  Good suit and fairly strong make.  Very slim athletes can have trouble filling the suit cut, leading to bunching that defeats the purpose of the suit.

I don't recommend the TYR, the are vastly inferior.

Finally, get this done NOW!!! It is better to get the suit early and have it sitting around than waiting until the last minute and finding out they don't have your size.  And yes even kids who will not make Sectionals deserve this. JV Conference athletes have worked just as hard as the State Qualifier candidates, why would I not want them to get the same advantages come championship season?

Speaking of Conference, I will begin to work on that line-up this week.  My number 1 priority for that meet is to get every athlete 2 swims in there primary events.  We are not good enough to compete for a Varsity or F/S title so the priority will go to athletes whom are tapering for this meet.  They may not end up in Varsity level, but they will end up in their events.  More info will be available at practice.

There is a new tab at the top of the page.  I am uploading video from the Andrew Meet.  This is something I have wanted to be able to do for a long time, but haven't had the help.  So first  I would like to give a big thanks to Katie K, Hera, and Maddie for coming to the meet, cheering and helping out.

Couple notes on video.  First, it takes about 30minutes per video to upload in HD.  I also lose my comp during that time, so I can only get so many during a day.  All the videos are unlocked,  otherwise I wouldn't be able to share them thru this method.  If you are uncomfortable with that send me an email and I will lock your childs video, and then share the link with you personally.  Finally, I will delete all master copies from my hard drive 1 week after the initial upload.  I don't have enough memory to keep them all.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Andrew Meet

So we have finally won a big championship format meet.  We won with a final score of 254, second place was Stagg High School with 238.  I am very pleased with the overall results of the meet.  Congrats to the event winners....

Meg, Kasia, Connie, Joy, Brenda, Paige, and Allie

Congrats to everyone who went season best times today.  Lots of good swims considering the facility, drive, and the fatigue....

Meg, Courtney, Brandi, Colleen, Kasia, Connie, Paige, Brenda, Allie, Marina, Katie S, Malvika, Lucy, Hailey,  and Joy.

Special Congratulations to everyone whom broke pool/meet records.

200 Medley Relay of Meg, Kasia, Connie, Joy  with a time of 1:53.03
200 IM - Connie Hsu with 2:09.47
100 fly - Connie Hsu with 57.29
400 free relay also broke the meet record, but losts

Busy week next week, more info tomorrow.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Andrew Directions

Tomorrow we will be competing at Victor J Andrew High School.  Meet starts at 10am we will be warming up shortly after 9am.  Please be to the pool ready to swim by 9am so that we can get in as soon as a lane in the back pool is open.

View Larger Map

The pool is on the Southwest corner of the building(I think).  There is a big glass wall that should give it away.  There is very limited seating.

Once again athletes not competiting are encouraged to attend.  However, they will receive no attendance penalties for not being there.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

DGN Directions

Tomorrow night we will be swimming at DGN.  The meet starts at 5pm please be dressed and ready to warm-up by 3:45pm.  We will be taking advantage of the fact that we have access to the pool where both Conference and Sectionals will be held, aka lots of starts.  I still don't know the format for the meet and therefore don't have events done.  Parking is available to the NW of the school along Prince St. across from the football Stadium.  The pool entrance is one of the doors in the West courtyard, I will try to update with specifics tomorrow.

View Larger Map

See everyone tomorrow.

As an aside calendar updated with Monday/Tuesday schedule (both 9am at Bensenville).  Still working on Wed. morning and Saturday.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekly Update - October has arrived

Please allow me to start with a recap of the OPRF dual meet.  Though we lost I have to admit that we swam very well especially considering how hard of a week last week was.  The final score was 109-71 OPRF.  Congrats to the varsity event winners.

Joy, Connie, Colleen, and Meg

Also every single swimmer turned in a season best time.  Not bad for a super long warm-up and 3 days of awfulness before hand.

Next up we will be swimming at Downer's Grove North on Thursday.  This is another meet like OPRF or York where we could make it very interesting.  I will leave the final decision on how aggressive we get to the girls.  This coming Saturday we will be swimming at the Andrew Invite.  This is our biggest mid-season meet of the year and we will be treating it as such.  Due to the format of the meet only 16 athletes will be competing on Saturday.  The people who aren't competing should know who they are and will be reminded tomorrow.  If an athlete is not competing they are not required to come to the meet, however if they come they will be given bonus attendance points.  Please be at DGN by 3:45pm(in water at 4)  Please be at Andrew by 9am(in water around 9:15am likely in the back pool).

As we start to reach the end of the season Sectional line-ups as of that day will be brought to practice regularly.  These will not be posted online.  Please make sure your kids communicate with you on if they are making the sectional team.  More details on this will come later, but please expect for everyone to come to sectionals.  Younger athletes need to be there and experience the environment, there is nothing else like it(maybe state, but that is a different ballgame).

Next up is the topic of Suits.  The capital letter is on purpose.  Suits are the super high-tech fancy bits of fabric that provide compression, buoyancy, and reduced drag.  I am not going to rant yet about why you need to get one,that is another posts, but I am going to get people thinking about them.  I will posts more details about them later in the week.

Finally, swimming world magazine has posted a unique little tool for analyzing circle swimming habits.  Since most, if not all, of my girls have a bad habit of circle swimming I thought I would share just how much circle swimming affects a time.

The LC->SCY conversion is pretty bad ignore that.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Bensenville Practice Location


Below is the address to the Bensenville Park District Aquatics Facility.  To enter the pool athletes must go into the hockey arena area and then go through the locker room.

545 Johns Street
Bensenville, IL 60106

Please make sure they are a bit early to practice.  We are paying rental for the facility whether we are in the water or not, please help get them there on time.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Okay so first directions to OPRF.

We will be getting in around 3:45-4:00.  Please leave after school and head over to Oak Park.  I highly recommend taking Roosevelt all the way to Harlem.  

The entrance is the southern most on Scoville Ave.  And we have been told to use the parking garage just South of the building on Lake Street.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wildcat Championships, and Indoor Season

Please let me start by saying I am very pleased with our performance at the Wildcat Championship over the weekend.  We finished 2nd to a fairly strong LW-North team despite not swimming our best events and missing an athlete.  There was of course a reason for this and that is I want to win the Andrew meet.  But more on that later...

For this week we have 3 mornings(West on Friday) and we will have a Saturday practice.  I don't want to post it yet due to not knowing where.  If I can find a pool with blocks we will use it.

All afternoon practices henceforth will be at Oak Brook Terrace Tower.  The pool is in the basement.  Go down the stairs and it is the big glass double doors at the bottom.  Athletes MUST bring in their permission/liability waivers on Monday to be able to get into the facility.  I will be bringing our "flags"  the athletes who can drive have the remainder of the gear.  Anyone who has their own gear can and should bring it, they can store their stuff at the facility.  We will still be having dryland on Wednesday, please remind the girls to bring proper apparel.

As this is the zenith of the season, we will be wearing tights at practice for the next two weeks.  Tights are anything that is water permeable and skintight to the swimmers body.  This can be as simple as a pair of pantyhose.  That athletes have been told at least 3 times before now, so please remind them.  To continue the zenith theme now is more important than ever to take proper care of the athletes body through sleep, nutrition, and recovery drills.  They will be as, or more, beat up than any time before.  Please remind them to do all the little things properly.

OPRF meet on Thursday will be much like the York meet earlier in the season.  Very close.  Please leave immediately following school.  I will double check with the coach about proper parking and entrance, as I have never seen their pool.  I believe this is a 2 level meet and as such should run fairly quickly.  I will update more further.

Monday, September 19, 2011

West Chicago Update

West Chicago has finally passed on the information about their upcoming meet.

Friday night meet will start at 5:00pm.  This is a slight change from earlier.  Coaches have asked to move it up as 5:30 was a very unorthodox time.  Meet should be done by 7-7:30.  We will be warming up around 4pm.  Athletes need to be at the pool ready to swim by 3:45.

Saturday the meet will start at 1 pm. Meet should be over by 4 pm.  We will be getting into the pool at noon, be ready to swim by 11:45am.  If you do not make finals you are still expected to be at the meet on Saturday.

Below is the map.  The pool Entrance is in the Northeast corner of the building.

View Larger Map

All the kids got their waivers that are required to swim in the new pool next week.  Please make sure they are brought to the pool on Monday.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekly Recap/Update

So I fell waaaayyyy behind this week.  Please allow me to remedy this issue. 

First, the York meet.  In a meet that was basically going to come down to who had the better meet, we ended up losing by a mere 7 points, stupid diving.  That said we swam very well with a large number of best times and event winners.  Overall I was pleased, though not ecstatic with our performance, however an entire season of those type of meets will make for a fantastic season. Best times for the season(once again all of last year is now gone, so sorry)

Jenny, Meg, Courtney, Brandi, Colleen, Kasia, Connie, Katie, Brenda, Allie, Hera, Paige, Marina, Sheline, Malvika, Maddie, Elise, Lucy, Hailey, Joy

Varsity Event winners

Connie, Joy, Allie, Kasia, Brenda, Meg, and Courtney

Hero week also continued from Wed-Fri.  We discussed the importance and self sacrifice of first responders, namely the police and fire who dove into Ground Zero with abandon.  On Friday morning we discussed Navy Seal Lt. Michael Murphy, Medal of Honor recipient.  I will not go into great detail on what makes him worth comment, however the book Lone Survivor tells his story quite well.  We recognized his honor with a workout known as "Body Armor" aka Murph,  though modified due to facility limitations.

Moving forward now.  Our next meet is this coming Friday and Saturday. At this time I do not have a meet packet for the meet so I am reluctant to provide any further details.  However,  I expect the meet to be Friday evening and Saturday afternoon, with a limited amount of entries.  Please check back often to see if I have any more information.

Attendance and attitude have been great so far, please keep it up and make sure to continue encouraging proper rest and rehab between practices.  As always nutrition is a key, so also try your best to influence that. 

We only have one more week outside.  I know it is a bit chilly, but the water is definately not any colder than a true championship facility(there are none in Illinois, so most haven't ever swam in one).  I will go get all the waivers for the indoor facility at some point this week.  When I do I will pass them out and ask that all the girls bring them the first day of indoor practice next week.

Monday, September 12, 2011

York Meet Info

Tomorrow we will travel to York High School for our biggest meet of the year, to this point.  Please leave immediately after school and plan on getting in the water by 3:40pm.  I will bring the line-up tonight to practice, I have scored out the meet 3 different ways and each time the meet comes down to less than 3 points.  3 points in a swim meet is less than a point in a basketball game, in other words one of the closest meets physically possible.

Directions to York are below, park in the front and walk through the building to the North East corner.  They are going to start with diving(ughh) and then start the swimming portion of the meet. There will be no concessions.

View Larger Map

Hero week update

  This morning we discussed Flight 93.  Ordinary people doing extraordinary things.  The workout while long and extremely difficult is something that shouldn't make the sore.  The following link is as good a read on the flight as I could find.

See everyone tomorrow night.  Be loud.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hero Week

So this is Hero Week.  For those of you who don't know I have a very close tie to the military.  Not only do I come from a military family where both grandfathers and my father served, but I myself worked for the military.  Shortly after my initial move to Chicago I took a job at the Naval Station Great Lakes to work as a drill instructor for Naval Special Warfare, aka SEALS.  During that time I trained/coached over 500 prospective students, over 100 of whom served the nation as a Special Operator.  Obviously, these men know the risks, the obstacles, and the emotional fortitude necessary to be a hero.  Since I resigned from my post, I have buried 4 students.  For those reasons, I have no shame in saying that anyone in uniform is my hero.  This week now has more meaning as one of our own has chosen to wear a flag on her sleeve.

There will be a decidedly different tone this year for hero week.  Due to the date, and the 10 years since(and my admitted addiction to NPR who has been doing this all week), I want to start with a short story about my memories from 10 years ago today...

I remember very clearly walking into the athletic labs after my first class of the day and seeing no one in there.  With an athlete base of nearly 1000 kids not a soul in the best lab on campus was odd, to say the least.  As I explored the rest of the building I saw where everyone was and was immediately riveted to what I was watching.  I sat with approx 50 other kids watching the 2nd plane hit, and then as they both fell.  I didn't cry, I didn't wince, I simply sat and watched.  Alabama was one of the few schools that didn't close for the afternoon, so I went to my class, oddly enough Aerospace Engineering,  and we did nothing.  My professor who actually helped design the plane used as a weapon, told us to call home tell our parents we loved them, and then told us all to switch majors as Aerospace had just died.  At practice we swam, in silence, with the news on the radio.  I have never in my life been to a pool with so much emotion, not sectionals, not state, not nationals, in fact nothing has even come close.  My group coach was silent as his wife was supposed to have flown back from New York that morning and he still hadn't heard from her(she ended up being okay).  My training partners where both from Europe and seemed completely disenchanted with what the US had happen to it.  So over the next couple weeks as I debated joining the Air Force and whether or not I could do anything else, something amazing happened.  The rebel flags that proliferate down south disappeared, replaced by the stars and stripes.  A school campus normally draped in red saw blues and white mixed into the greek systems wardrobe, and then  Alabama had a home game.  95,000 people sang God Bless America, in unison to not a dry eye in the house.  My roommates who hadn't mastered the English language stood in shock as the entire swim team cried, hugged, and held hands.  Franck, who is very french, now has his citizenship and works for the CIA as a cryptologist.  Last I spoke with him he remembered that week very clearly and still defines it as a turning point in his life.

So why do I share this?  Simply put, I have kids at home who have seen me open an email and breakdown.  All they know is that someone I cared about died, they don't understand why.  After talking to the team, they don't understand the why either, not really.  They don't understand why the world changed, or why an entire generation has grown to have a chip on it shoulder.  While not my job, it is my privilege to share from as close an account as safely possible what these men and women do for this country.

Finally, please understand that despite my obvious respect for our military I don't suggest the military to anyone.  If an athlete comes to me and asks my opinion on the military my first question back will always be "Do your parent's know?"  Once again the purpose of this week is nothing more than to reiterate how lucky we all are to have neighbors and family who are willing to risk everything for each of us.

Minor change to the schedule, morning practice will be at West on Friday, after this week we will alternate.  York meet on Tuesday will be extremely close.  Be loud, be proud, and be the team I want to never forget.

Let's Roll

Friday, September 9, 2011

Lyons Township Relays

Tomorrow we have our first "invite" style meet of the season.  We will be traveling to Lyons Township South for their Relay Invitational.  Warm-ups start at 7:45am.  Meet starts at 9am.  Please get to the pool at approx 7:30.

Below is the map from central Glen Ellyn.

View Larger Map

As a reminder, we are using this meet as a tune-up meet.  I decided it was more valuable to get everyone experience at a large "championship" format meet than to try to score as many points as possible.  Everyone is swimming at least 2 times and no one is swimming more than 3 times.

See everyone tomorrow

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Winning!!! and Practice Change

First off, we won.  Congratulations to all the girls on getting the season started on the right foot.

We won 130-40.

Though normally I would list everyone who went season best times, I will skip that for the time being.  I apologize and will post is soon as I recover date from my old PC.

Congrats to everyone who won a varsity event.

Paige, Kasia, Meg, Colleen, Lucy, Allie, Connie, Brandi, Jenny, Malvika, Hailey, and Joy

Hope everyone enjoyed the first meet, next dual meet will be much more intense....

Practice for Wednesday and Friday morning have been changed.  Wednesday will be at West, Friday will be at South.  The calendar has been changed accordingly.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Morton Map and Entries

Tomorrow we finally get to begin our meet season.  We will be competing at Morton West High School, with the meet starting at 5:00 PM.  There will be no diving(I hope they are not listed as a team with diving).  Everyone needs to park in the Cermak Plaza Parking lot due to a festival. 

Below is a map from central Glen Ellyn.

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Please drive carefully, but promptly.  We will be doing an abbreviated workout prior to the beginning of the meet.

Below are the entries.  Everyone is currently listed as an NT.  I apologize and will remedy this ASAP.

Morton Entries

Finally, since I don't believe we have gotten shirts yet...Please wear anything from your respective school or apparel from last season.

Make sure you have your team suit and team cap.  These are required to be eligible to swim.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Weekly Update - September Part 1

Happy September everyone, and congratulations of surviving the first month of swim season.

First off, the schedule for the week.  Normal afternoon practice on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  We are still practicing outdoors at Butterfield Park District for a couple more weeks, so no changes yet on that front.  Morning practice Wednesday at South, and Friday at West.  For the Morton West meet on Tuesday we will be getting in the water no later than 3:40pm.  This provides nearly an hour to get to the pool and get ready. Saturday we are at Lyons Township High School.  For Saturday be at the South Campus pool by 7:30.  We will be getting in at 7:45am.

Attendance is still up to date and I am quite glad to say everyone is eligible for both meets coming up this week.

The calendar gets updated regularly so please check often.  One change is that Friday morning practice have been added.  The girls decided to keep all Mondays at West, all Wednesdays at South, and we will then alternate Fridays.  When Butterfield closes I will then add all the information for Lifestart Wellness, but until then the calendar is blank after the West Chicago Meet.

Just a quick note on meet methodology.  For most dual meets I am more concerned with making sure everyone gets an opportunity to swim multiple events than I am with what they are best at.  Sometimes this means athletes moving up and down levels multiple times throughout a meet.  This is not meant as a slight or anything else, just me trying to provide the most opportunity to the most people.  For this coming Saturday meet at Lyons,  I was most concerned on giving everyone an opportunity to swim multiple times, as opposed to trying only to win.  I have explained this to the girls, and more importantly I have stressed that oppurtunity is presenting itself, and to make the most of it.

Final note for the evening.  The swim season is long, and the human body is amazingly complex.  Combine them and somethings are going to start to wear out.  So I give a list of some things to help out.

Cryotherapy - AKA Icing,  15 minutes on tender spots 2-3 times a day will help tremendously.  Make sure there is a thin layer of fabric between the skin and the cold.  Never more than 15 minutes per 2 hours as well.

Anti-Inflammatory - Use rarely and only as necessary.  That said when muscles are locking up it does do wonders.

Stretching - Preferably nightly, but at the minimum regurarly(2-3 times per week).  The following link the probably the most comprohensive basic strectch series I know of.  Stretches

Mobility Training - And here is where I start to get a little....eccentric.  Mobility is just like stretching, only it revolves around the joints ability to move to the full range of motion. It requires some things that are not normal to all households, but if you don't have something ad lib.  The one exception is a foam roller and the lacrosse ball.  Best money any athlete could ever spend.  Now before I post the link, the crazy tattooed guy has his PhD in Physical Therapy and is on the payroll of 4(yes 4!!!) US Olympic Sports governing bodies.  He is a little hard to understand at times, but I like him(no idea why though...hmm)   Mobility Wod  I suggest going back to the very beginning and starting at the 10 minute squat hold.  Humbling for most.

Rest and Nutrition - Already beat this into the ground but please get sleep and eat right.

I will post directions and the line-up tomorrow evening.  Have a great day off/holiday tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Morning Practices At South

Tomorrow we will have 6AM practice at Glenbard South.  The entrance is door 19 on the North Side of the building.  It is not a standard entrance, so look for me to be holding open the door.  Since I have to let people into South I will stay outside till 6:05 this time.  After tomorrow I will go inside at 6:00am.

Once again we will be done at 6:55am so everyone has time to get to their respective schools.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekly Update, Morning Practices Start

Well then, now that everyone has the general understanding of how school is going to work, time to add an extra element to the system.  Morning Practices begin tomorrow August 29th, 2011 at Glenbard West at 6am. Enter Biester Gym, the lower building, thru the front doors on Ellyn Ave.  The gym we will be using is downstairs at the far West end of the building.

Make sure you bring the following, appropriate workout apparel, running shoes, school stuff, water, after workout food, and an appropriate attitude.  Practice will end a few minutes before 7 to provide enough time for everyone to get ready and get to their respective schools.

Afternoon practice this week has also been changed.  Monday and Wednesday will now end at 5:30pm.  This is due to the start of dryland and no need to do 2 dryland workouts per day.

The girls have been doing a great job of getting to practice on time.  Please keep it up.  Athletes who miss warm-up will be docked attendance.  This is simply due to the fact that being late is disrespectful to everyone who isn't.

Final note about attendance.  I prefer everyone attend 100% of practices, as workouts are written around 100% attendance.  However, I realize life happens and sometimes missing a practice is necessary.  When someone is going to miss a practice,including a morning, make sure I get an email and the athletes respective captain gets a text.  That way everyone knows what is going on.

Blue Team Wins

I just wanted to congratulate the Blue team on a fine showing during the intersquad competition.  They won with a resounding 101-62 final score.  Also, Congratulations to all the girl's who turned in Team(can't keep track of all the USA swimming and summer league times) best times yesterday. 

Courtney, Brandi, Colleen, Kasia,  Katie K, Paige, Brenda, Allie, Hera, Marina, Maddie,and Joy

I will bring the winner's prize tomorrow afternoon.

I will provide the weekly update later this evening.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Intersquad Meet Tomorrow

So today was the final prequel to the Intersquad meet..  We did 2 team building exercises, the first being single crossing attempt, and the second being the human dragon.  I really wish I would have had a camera on me for the dragon, much hilarity ensued.

The Green team won the crossing, while the Blue team won the dragon 5-1.  The scores at the start of the meet tomorrow will be in parenthesis.

Blue - 24(17)
Green - 7(0)

Warm-up will start at 9:30.  We will start the swim meet at 10:15am.  We will be done no later than 11:30am.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Scoreboard Update and Schedule change

Today we did a dryland relay with some lighter weights, or I thought lighter.  Once again the Blue team won, soundly.

Blue - 19
Green - 1

Yes the scores are getting smaller, judiciary discretion. 

Tomorrow we will be swimming for 90 minutes then be doing team building exercises for points. Hopefully, green team can make it interesing.

Intersquad week update Part 3

Today we played a game of slot polo.  I am very glad that we don't have a waterpolo team.  It wouldn't go well.  Green team finally scored a point, but the blue team got 2.

Blue - 18
Green - 1

Tomorrow  we have the team dryland competition.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Intersquad Week Day 2 Update

Another day at the pool another victory against mother nature.  Today we did some silly relays that included corkscrew and the partner relay.  Both of these relays were won by the Blue team for 5 points a piece.  The final relay was the Boat Race relay....there are no winners in that relay.

New Scores
Blue - 16
Green - 0

Tomorrow we will be playing water games, possible for huge sums on points, or very little.  And yes, there will be normal dryland.

Have a great first day of school, enjoy all those stairs....

Monday, August 22, 2011

Intersquad Scores Part 1

So after a riveting game of trivia, and by riveting I mean slightly embarrassing.  We have our first scores of the week.

Blue - 32(6)
Green - 26(0)

For sake of easier math I simplified the numbers.

Tomorrow we have Relays, excitement is sure to follow...

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Intersquad Week Update

So congratulations on surviving the first week of high school swimming.  Only 13 more weeks to go....

I know that originally the calendar listed Intersquad as next week, however I decided to move it up a week due to the addition of morning practice next week.  That means that this coming Saturday, the 27th we will be holding the Intersquad meet at approximately 10:15am.  Please feel free to come watch and cheer.

The teams will rollover from year to year and be rebalanced accordingly, or in other words once you are Green, you are Green till you graduate.

Current Series Record Green 1 - Blue 0

Green Team
Allie McGavock
Lucy Vasquez
Kasia Gniatczyk
Jenny Armstrong
Colleen Fearn
Joy Xue
Brandi Buczynski
Paige Lay
Hera Miao
Marina Schroeder

Blue Team
Connie Hsu
Elise Sundberg
Brenda Liu
Malvika Singh
Hailey Walch
Meg Beese
Courtney Boak
Katie Sheline
Katie Kryger
Maddie Skirvin

(If I misspelled your name let me know please.  This is what I have in the Team Database.)

The events for the week will be held during normal practice time and are as follows...
Monday: Trivia
Tuesday: Relays
Wednesday: Water Games
Thursday: Team Workout Race
Friday: TBA
Saturday: Meet

Check the blog regularly for updated scores and photos.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Practice plan on Monday and rest of week

I will be announcing the team at 9:20am on Monday morning, please make sure everyone is there.  Everyone that makes the team will then get changed and have practice.  Athletes who don't make the team will be given options on other ways to pursue swimming in the area and prepare for next season.

 After swim practice Swimmer's Edge will be there for girls to try on and buy suits.  Suits will be required to participate in the team picture at West later this week.  As a reminder suits are not included in participation fee. 

Dryland will start tomorrow immediately after the suit try on.  Please make sure the girls have running shoes and shorts.  Water bottles at this point are required.  Bugspray for dryland and sunscreen are also recommended.

I know that all the students have registration throughout the next week.  Please email me your date and time so I know when you will be missing.  This is especially important since I will begin taking attendance this week.

Tomorrow night is the parent meeting at West.  Please be in the auditorium by 7pm for the school(s) wide presentation.  After the school wide presentation we will break into swim team only to go over team rules and procedures.  I will make that as quick as possible.

Finally, I want to make clear that I don't enjoy being forced to make cuts.  Unfortunately, we are still very tight on space and it is in the athletes best interest, both for training and safety, to have a limited number of people per lane.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Time Trial Information

Tomorrow, Saturday the 12th, at 9:30am will be our time trial.  The girl's will swim every event for time.  The times will then be put into a database and the best girls will make the team.

In case of severe weather we will do as much as we can.  If needed we will finish the time trial on Monday.

I apologize for such a stressful situation.  This is unfortunately part of have severe facility limitations

Monday, August 8, 2011

2011 Final Details

Hopeful Swimmers,

As tryouts approach there are a couple of things that I would like everyone to keep in mind. 

This is a cut program.  As much as we'd love every swimmer to be on the team we have approximately 20 spots open.

There are strict attendance requirements. To be able to participate in meets there is a 90% by hours requirement.  There will be little to no excused absences. There will be approx. 16 hours per week of practice, including 3 mornings per week.

All meets are required.  1 absence will be allowed as long as it is cleared ahead of time.

Swimming is very hard, and I expect athletes to work hard. 

This is a competitive team that is trying to win dual meets, conference, and sectional titles.  Expectations will be set at the corresponding level on a daily basis.

If you are uncomfortable with these facts please think heavily about whether high school swimming is right for you. 

Finally, the work is worth it.   The girls will work hard, swim fast, have fun and make friends.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

2011 Tryout Information

So now that the summer is starting to wind to a close and pool contracts have been signed I can finally announce specific details about the tryouts for the Glenbard West/South Co-op Swim Team.  PLEASE NOTE: Their is a chance that I will be at USA Swimming Nationals until after August 10th.  If I am unavailable tryouts will be reorganized. Tryouts will be as originally planned.

First day of practice is August 10th at 9:30am at Butterfield Park District. Practice on August 11th and August 12th will be 9:30am at Butterfield Park District.  If needed Time Trials will be held on Saturday August 13th to determine who makes the team.  Team announcements and cuts will be made at the start of practice on Monday August 15th.

In order to be eligible for competing for a spot on the team, you must be at 2 of the 3 practices on the 10th-12th and compete on the time trial on the 13th.  The only people excused from the tryout must compete in USA Swimming Junior Nationals.  NO OTHER ABSENCES ARE ALLOWED. I apologize for the inconvenience, however the start of all fall sports has been posted on IHSA website for 5 years and on Glenbard West website for at least a year.

If needed, details on the time trial will be posted.