Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Morning Practices At South

Tomorrow we will have 6AM practice at Glenbard South.  The entrance is door 19 on the North Side of the building.  It is not a standard entrance, so look for me to be holding open the door.  Since I have to let people into South I will stay outside till 6:05 this time.  After tomorrow I will go inside at 6:00am.

Once again we will be done at 6:55am so everyone has time to get to their respective schools.


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekly Update, Morning Practices Start

Well then, now that everyone has the general understanding of how school is going to work, time to add an extra element to the system.  Morning Practices begin tomorrow August 29th, 2011 at Glenbard West at 6am. Enter Biester Gym, the lower building, thru the front doors on Ellyn Ave.  The gym we will be using is downstairs at the far West end of the building.

Make sure you bring the following, appropriate workout apparel, running shoes, school stuff, water, after workout food, and an appropriate attitude.  Practice will end a few minutes before 7 to provide enough time for everyone to get ready and get to their respective schools.

Afternoon practice this week has also been changed.  Monday and Wednesday will now end at 5:30pm.  This is due to the start of dryland and no need to do 2 dryland workouts per day.

The girls have been doing a great job of getting to practice on time.  Please keep it up.  Athletes who miss warm-up will be docked attendance.  This is simply due to the fact that being late is disrespectful to everyone who isn't.

Final note about attendance.  I prefer everyone attend 100% of practices, as workouts are written around 100% attendance.  However, I realize life happens and sometimes missing a practice is necessary.  When someone is going to miss a practice,including a morning, make sure I get an email and the athletes respective captain gets a text.  That way everyone knows what is going on.


Blue Team Wins

I just wanted to congratulate the Blue team on a fine showing during the intersquad competition.  They won with a resounding 101-62 final score.  Also, Congratulations to all the girl's who turned in Team(can't keep track of all the USA swimming and summer league times) best times yesterday. 

Courtney, Brandi, Colleen, Kasia,  Katie K, Paige, Brenda, Allie, Hera, Marina, Maddie,and Joy

I will bring the winner's prize tomorrow afternoon.

I will provide the weekly update later this evening.


Friday, August 26, 2011

Intersquad Meet Tomorrow

So today was the final prequel to the Intersquad meet..  We did 2 team building exercises, the first being single crossing attempt, and the second being the human dragon.  I really wish I would have had a camera on me for the dragon, much hilarity ensued.

The Green team won the crossing, while the Blue team won the dragon 5-1.  The scores at the start of the meet tomorrow will be in parenthesis.

Blue - 24(17)
Green - 7(0)

Warm-up will start at 9:30.  We will start the swim meet at 10:15am.  We will be done no later than 11:30am.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Scoreboard Update and Schedule change

Today we did a dryland relay with some lighter weights, or I thought lighter.  Once again the Blue team won, soundly.

Blue - 19
Green - 1

Yes the scores are getting smaller, judiciary discretion. 

Tomorrow we will be swimming for 90 minutes then be doing team building exercises for points. Hopefully, green team can make it interesing.


Intersquad week update Part 3

Today we played a game of slot polo.  I am very glad that we don't have a waterpolo team.  It wouldn't go well.  Green team finally scored a point, but the blue team got 2.

Blue - 18
Green - 1

Tomorrow  we have the team dryland competition.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Intersquad Week Day 2 Update

Another day at the pool another victory against mother nature.  Today we did some silly relays that included corkscrew and the partner relay.  Both of these relays were won by the Blue team for 5 points a piece.  The final relay was the Boat Race relay....there are no winners in that relay.

New Scores
Blue - 16
Green - 0

Tomorrow we will be playing water games, possible for huge sums on points, or very little.  And yes, there will be normal dryland.

Have a great first day of school, enjoy all those stairs....


Monday, August 22, 2011

Intersquad Scores Part 1

So after a riveting game of trivia, and by riveting I mean slightly embarrassing.  We have our first scores of the week.

Blue - 32(6)
Green - 26(0)

For sake of easier math I simplified the numbers.

Tomorrow we have Relays, excitement is sure to follow...


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Intersquad Week Update

So congratulations on surviving the first week of high school swimming.  Only 13 more weeks to go....

I know that originally the calendar listed Intersquad as next week, however I decided to move it up a week due to the addition of morning practice next week.  That means that this coming Saturday, the 27th we will be holding the Intersquad meet at approximately 10:15am.  Please feel free to come watch and cheer.

The teams will rollover from year to year and be rebalanced accordingly, or in other words once you are Green, you are Green till you graduate.

Current Series Record Green 1 - Blue 0

Green Team
Allie McGavock
Lucy Vasquez
Kasia Gniatczyk
Jenny Armstrong
Colleen Fearn
Joy Xue
Brandi Buczynski
Paige Lay
Hera Miao
Marina Schroeder

Blue Team
Connie Hsu
Elise Sundberg
Brenda Liu
Malvika Singh
Hailey Walch
Meg Beese
Courtney Boak
Katie Sheline
Katie Kryger
Maddie Skirvin

(If I misspelled your name let me know please.  This is what I have in the Team Database.)

The events for the week will be held during normal practice time and are as follows...
Monday: Trivia
Tuesday: Relays
Wednesday: Water Games
Thursday: Team Workout Race
Friday: TBA
Saturday: Meet

Check the blog regularly for updated scores and photos.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Practice plan on Monday and rest of week

I will be announcing the team at 9:20am on Monday morning, please make sure everyone is there.  Everyone that makes the team will then get changed and have practice.  Athletes who don't make the team will be given options on other ways to pursue swimming in the area and prepare for next season.

 After swim practice Swimmer's Edge will be there for girls to try on and buy suits.  Suits will be required to participate in the team picture at West later this week.  As a reminder suits are not included in participation fee. 

Dryland will start tomorrow immediately after the suit try on.  Please make sure the girls have running shoes and shorts.  Water bottles at this point are required.  Bugspray for dryland and sunscreen are also recommended.

I know that all the students have registration throughout the next week.  Please email me your date and time so I know when you will be missing.  This is especially important since I will begin taking attendance this week.

Tomorrow night is the parent meeting at West.  Please be in the auditorium by 7pm for the school(s) wide presentation.  After the school wide presentation we will break into swim team only to go over team rules and procedures.  I will make that as quick as possible.

Finally, I want to make clear that I don't enjoy being forced to make cuts.  Unfortunately, we are still very tight on space and it is in the athletes best interest, both for training and safety, to have a limited number of people per lane.


Friday, August 12, 2011

Time Trial Information

Tomorrow, Saturday the 12th, at 9:30am will be our time trial.  The girl's will swim every event for time.  The times will then be put into a database and the best girls will make the team.

In case of severe weather we will do as much as we can.  If needed we will finish the time trial on Monday.

I apologize for such a stressful situation.  This is unfortunately part of have severe facility limitations


Monday, August 8, 2011

2011 Final Details

Hopeful Swimmers,

As tryouts approach there are a couple of things that I would like everyone to keep in mind. 

This is a cut program.  As much as we'd love every swimmer to be on the team we have approximately 20 spots open.

There are strict attendance requirements. To be able to participate in meets there is a 90% by hours requirement.  There will be little to no excused absences. There will be approx. 16 hours per week of practice, including 3 mornings per week.

All meets are required.  1 absence will be allowed as long as it is cleared ahead of time.

Swimming is very hard, and I expect athletes to work hard. 

This is a competitive team that is trying to win dual meets, conference, and sectional titles.  Expectations will be set at the corresponding level on a daily basis.

If you are uncomfortable with these facts please think heavily about whether high school swimming is right for you. 

Finally, the work is worth it.   The girls will work hard, swim fast, have fun and make friends.