Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sectional Roster

Congratulations to the Sectional Roster

Meg Beese
Courtney Boak
Kasia Gniatczyk
Connie Hsu
Paige Lay
Brenda Liu
Allie McGavock
Katie Sheline
Hailey Walch
Joy Xue

We have morning practice offered on Monday and Wednesday.  People who tapered for conference need to come to both mornings.  The girls who are Sectional Taper only have 1 morning of there choice.  Connie has 2, sorry Connie.

I will bring the line-up tomorrow.

Everyone else should start looking into the year round options.  If you need any help, or suggestions please just ask.

As a reminder our conference meet was a sanctioned USA Swimming meet.  Upon going to your club team let your coach know that our conference meet was sanctioned so that your coach can enter your times into the USA swimming database.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Conference Recap

So, our first taper meet of the season has come and gone.  Congratulations to everyone who shaved and tapered and had a championship meet where the entire group batted 1.000(which is a first for me).  Congratulations to the following who earned new Illinois swimming Regional Qualifying times


I can not stress how proud I am to have such a dedicated group of girls who dug in, committed to the program,  and got complemented over and over today by the other coaches.

Sectional team will be posted sometime tomorrow once I get some other results and figure out what the top tier(presumed state Qualifiers) are swimming.  As has been discussed at practice, nothing is set in stone and I have to look at the likely times needed to score the most possible points at our Sectional meet in order to figure out who swims what.  I know we had a number of swim-offs today, but they could end up null.  The girls should know this.

Finally,  time to start the reminders about swimming year round.  The reasoning is simple,  we have limited facilities, we train to be an elite team, and there is a 300+ kid behemoth of a summer league team(plus 2 other 100+ kid teams).  There is only 1 kid from the Sectional "team" who doesn't swim year round, this is not a coincidence.  I like to think everyone had fun this year on the team and that everyone wants to swim on the team next year.....

For year round swimming there are three simple rules to follow if you aren't already on a team.

1)  Go to a team where you will go to practice every day.  I require 90% attendance, that number should be a minimum to achieve your goals.  Location, times, and team dynamic are what matter.

2) Go to a team where you will work hard.  Few coaches will get on you as much as I do, so find a program where the style will help you motivate yourself.

3) Go to a program where you will get coached.  Any one can throw a workout on the board, that takes no skill,  but no one has perfect mechanics and everyone needs to be coached a little.  Each team is different, if you don't feel you will be getting coached then it doesn't matter about 1 and 2.

Please note,  there is no mention of going where your friends are, what is convenient, what is the easiest, or what is cheapest.  I don't care where you swim, I care you do and that you do it right.

Disclaimer:  I am a coach at a club team, but this isn't about swimming at my club. This is about swimming period.

Once again I am very happy, and very proud of what happened today at DGN.  This team has a very long strong future, do your part to make sure you are as much a part of it as you can be.

Friday, October 28, 2011


Very quickly....

Practice will be at Oak Brook Tower today.  Bensenville is no longer willing to rent the pool during the 3:30-5:30 time slot.  I am exploring other locations for the last couple of days before Sectionals.

We are now 100% taking a white bus from West to the meet tomorrow for the conference kids.  Please be ready to leave at 11am.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Conference Week

I know this should have gone up long ago, but I was trying to wait on final details.  None of which have arrived at this time.

First, we are trying to have practice at Bensenville on Friday.  This can not be confirmed at this time.  More details tomorrow.

Second, we are planning on taking a little bus to conference.  This is 90% lock.  The little bus will leave the district administration building, on Crescent at West, at 11am on Saturday.  Due to the nature of such a small vehicle only conference championship kids will be on the bus.  I expect them all to ride it.  We don't get the busses often but they are one of the best parts of being a team(the sheer goofyness is worth it).

We have discussed this at practice, but please have the girls put on/take off their suits a few times when completely dry.  make sure to never (EVER!!) use fingers to pull the suit up, use a pinching grip.  Holes in suits happen, but they are awful and there won't be a stack of extra suits at the meet.  Practice makes perfect.

Athletes who are suiting and swimming in the medley,200,IM, or 50 need to ride the bus in their warm-up suits.  We want to get in right away so they don't have to rush to get suits on.  Easiest way to do it.

Finally, congratulations to our Academic All-Conference team of

Connie Hsu
Allie McGavock
Elise Sundberg

Quite an accomplishment girls.

Keep eyes open for Bensenville information.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Metea Directions

Below are the Directions to Metea Valley High School

View Larger Map

Please have the girls there and ready by 8:45 am.  We will be getting in at 9am for warm-ups.  Make sure to turn in at the light.  I don't know where the pool is within the school, but it should be fairly well marked.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Below are directions to Lyons South.  Same pool and building as the relay meet early in the year.

View Larger Map

It is their Senior night.  I will also have entries for Metea. Metea is like Andrew and a limited entry meet.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Proviso Meet

Below are Directions to tonight's meet.  Entrance is South West door, right under an awning.

View Larger Map

Should be fairly quick, they do have 6 Seniors, but no diving.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekly update - Meet Week

2/4/5 weeks left!!!

This week is LOOONNNNGGGG!!!! I warned the girls last week to be on top of it and to get ahead of all their work.  We have 4, yes 4 meets this week.  Tuesday @ Proviso. Thursday @ Lyons (a senior night). Friday @ the Y (our senior night). And finally Saturday @ Metea.  The calendar will be updated shortly with what time for each of those meets.  I will announce who is swimming on Saturday no later than Wednesday.

As a reminder, I need to know who isn't available for meets ASAP.  I plan to have all lineups done by tomorrow afternoon.  With so many meets I am trying to balance everyone out so they don't get worn out and overdone on events, as such please let me know so I don't have to change 3/4 meets worth of entries after the fact.

I know people are starting to get suits.  If you have questions let me know.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Hinsdale, and Moving Forward

Great job by everyone last night.  Though we lost, we had a ton of great swims and are continuing to grow moving forward.  Congrats to the season best times

Jenny, Meg, Courtney, Brandi, Paige, Brenda, Marina, Malvika, Maddie, Elise, and Hailey

Pretty good results for still being tired and sluggish...

Just want to remind everyone to get on suit orders ASAP, the suit prices are in a previous post.  Call Swimmer's Edge and make sure to try them on.  The do make a big difference,  the best analogy I have heard is comparing them to soccer/football cleats on wet grass, the can make that much of a difference.

I am trying to finalize all of our meet entries for the rest of the year.  Please email with what dates you/your child can't be at a meet due to school/other extracurriculars/ACT test so that I can keep it all straight and complete everything.

Finally, the sectional entries are done.  They can still change, but at this point in time little to no changes will be made.  The only changes that would be made will require swims that are beyond expectations and therefore forcing a change in likely outcome.  I have kept the girls up to date on the roster for the course of the entire season, so hopefully everyone knows what/if they are swimming.  Relays are still be decided on, but those can(and have) been decided at the Sectional meet.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Suit Prices

Below are the suit prices.  Please get on this as soon as possible, they really do make a big difference.

Speedo  - $211
Blue Seventy - $230-240
Arena - $270

Since I know we have had a lot of questions about the Matea meet, it starts at 10.  Should last approx. as long as the Andrew meet did.

Hinsdale Map, oops

Below is the map to Hinsdale Central High School.  Meet starts at 5pm we are warming up at approx 4pm.

View Larger Map

Sorry for going up super late.  It is their Senior night please be prepared.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Standard Wednesday Morning Practice Tomorrow

We will be having normal morning practice Wednesday morning at Glenbard South. 

In fact the calendar for the rest of the week is posted.  See everyone in the morning.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weekly Update - Suits and Video Page

Once again, I am very proud to say I have a nice shiny plaque on my mantel from this past Saturday's meet.

Now then, time to talk about the elephant in the room, suits.  I don't want to say these are a required part of championship swimming, but for all common purposes they are.  You will not see a single athlete at High School State without one, period. This link explains part of the reason that the old "SUPER" suit was so powerful.  The most visually striking portion is right at 50 seconds in.  That is a HUGE amount of drag.

 For those of you who purchased suits last year, you need to test the suit first.  So please try to follow the testing methodology.  Take a portion of the suit and cup it in your hand.   Make sure it is mostly wrinkle free, but not stretched tight.  Poor approx. 1 TBS of water in the "cup" and swish it around for a second.  If the water beads for an entire minute and can be poured out and wiped out without any absorption then the suit is likely good for one more meet.  For the record, I expect my elite level swimmers to buy a new suit every championship season(up to 3 times per year).  Yes it is expensive, but that is how much of a difference those suits make. As a final reminder, if the suit straps come more than 2 fingers over the shoulders upon lifting it is too large.  All suits should come down to the knee, they are that much better.

There are 3 types of suits I recommend.  Final decision comes down to the athlete, and whichever suit they find the most comfortable.  I will add prices whenever I can get a hold of Mark @ Swimmer's Edge.

Blue Seventy - Probably my favorite suit at the moment, but cut very narrow at the top.  This can lead to certain exposure issues for certain body types.

Arena (the new one) - Fastest suit of the bunch, but very fragile.  These suits struggle to survive a 4 day meet(yes those exists) and rips by far the easiest.  They also stretch very easily and that can lead to a huge bubble trapped if the suit is purchased in the wrong size.

Speedo LZR - Probably the second best option.  Good suit and fairly strong make.  Very slim athletes can have trouble filling the suit cut, leading to bunching that defeats the purpose of the suit.

I don't recommend the TYR, the are vastly inferior.

Finally, get this done NOW!!! It is better to get the suit early and have it sitting around than waiting until the last minute and finding out they don't have your size.  And yes even kids who will not make Sectionals deserve this. JV Conference athletes have worked just as hard as the State Qualifier candidates, why would I not want them to get the same advantages come championship season?

Speaking of Conference, I will begin to work on that line-up this week.  My number 1 priority for that meet is to get every athlete 2 swims in there primary events.  We are not good enough to compete for a Varsity or F/S title so the priority will go to athletes whom are tapering for this meet.  They may not end up in Varsity level, but they will end up in their events.  More info will be available at practice.

There is a new tab at the top of the page.  I am uploading video from the Andrew Meet.  This is something I have wanted to be able to do for a long time, but haven't had the help.  So first  I would like to give a big thanks to Katie K, Hera, and Maddie for coming to the meet, cheering and helping out.

Couple notes on video.  First, it takes about 30minutes per video to upload in HD.  I also lose my comp during that time, so I can only get so many during a day.  All the videos are unlocked,  otherwise I wouldn't be able to share them thru this method.  If you are uncomfortable with that send me an email and I will lock your childs video, and then share the link with you personally.  Finally, I will delete all master copies from my hard drive 1 week after the initial upload.  I don't have enough memory to keep them all.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Andrew Meet

So we have finally won a big championship format meet.  We won with a final score of 254, second place was Stagg High School with 238.  I am very pleased with the overall results of the meet.  Congrats to the event winners....

Meg, Kasia, Connie, Joy, Brenda, Paige, and Allie

Congrats to everyone who went season best times today.  Lots of good swims considering the facility, drive, and the fatigue....

Meg, Courtney, Brandi, Colleen, Kasia, Connie, Paige, Brenda, Allie, Marina, Katie S, Malvika, Lucy, Hailey,  and Joy.

Special Congratulations to everyone whom broke pool/meet records.

200 Medley Relay of Meg, Kasia, Connie, Joy  with a time of 1:53.03
200 IM - Connie Hsu with 2:09.47
100 fly - Connie Hsu with 57.29
400 free relay also broke the meet record, but losts

Busy week next week, more info tomorrow.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Andrew Directions

Tomorrow we will be competing at Victor J Andrew High School.  Meet starts at 10am we will be warming up shortly after 9am.  Please be to the pool ready to swim by 9am so that we can get in as soon as a lane in the back pool is open.

View Larger Map

The pool is on the Southwest corner of the building(I think).  There is a big glass wall that should give it away.  There is very limited seating.

Once again athletes not competiting are encouraged to attend.  However, they will receive no attendance penalties for not being there.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

DGN Directions

Tomorrow night we will be swimming at DGN.  The meet starts at 5pm please be dressed and ready to warm-up by 3:45pm.  We will be taking advantage of the fact that we have access to the pool where both Conference and Sectionals will be held, aka lots of starts.  I still don't know the format for the meet and therefore don't have events done.  Parking is available to the NW of the school along Prince St. across from the football Stadium.  The pool entrance is one of the doors in the West courtyard, I will try to update with specifics tomorrow.

View Larger Map

See everyone tomorrow.

As an aside calendar updated with Monday/Tuesday schedule (both 9am at Bensenville).  Still working on Wed. morning and Saturday.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekly Update - October has arrived

Please allow me to start with a recap of the OPRF dual meet.  Though we lost I have to admit that we swam very well especially considering how hard of a week last week was.  The final score was 109-71 OPRF.  Congrats to the varsity event winners.

Joy, Connie, Colleen, and Meg

Also every single swimmer turned in a season best time.  Not bad for a super long warm-up and 3 days of awfulness before hand.

Next up we will be swimming at Downer's Grove North on Thursday.  This is another meet like OPRF or York where we could make it very interesting.  I will leave the final decision on how aggressive we get to the girls.  This coming Saturday we will be swimming at the Andrew Invite.  This is our biggest mid-season meet of the year and we will be treating it as such.  Due to the format of the meet only 16 athletes will be competing on Saturday.  The people who aren't competing should know who they are and will be reminded tomorrow.  If an athlete is not competing they are not required to come to the meet, however if they come they will be given bonus attendance points.  Please be at DGN by 3:45pm(in water at 4)  Please be at Andrew by 9am(in water around 9:15am likely in the back pool).

As we start to reach the end of the season Sectional line-ups as of that day will be brought to practice regularly.  These will not be posted online.  Please make sure your kids communicate with you on if they are making the sectional team.  More details on this will come later, but please expect for everyone to come to sectionals.  Younger athletes need to be there and experience the environment, there is nothing else like it(maybe state, but that is a different ballgame).

Next up is the topic of Suits.  The capital letter is on purpose.  Suits are the super high-tech fancy bits of fabric that provide compression, buoyancy, and reduced drag.  I am not going to rant yet about why you need to get one,that is another posts, but I am going to get people thinking about them.  I will posts more details about them later in the week.

Finally, swimming world magazine has posted a unique little tool for analyzing circle swimming habits.  Since most, if not all, of my girls have a bad habit of circle swimming I thought I would share just how much circle swimming affects a time.

The LC->SCY conversion is pretty bad ignore that.