Thursday, November 17, 2011

Final State Meet Stuff

Okay so the following is the State Meet Information.

Leave South 11:30
Leave West 11:45
Lunch on Bus(Provided)
Meet Start 3:30
Dinner on way home(Provided)

Swimmers Arrive - 11:30
Non-Swimmer Arrive by - 12:30
Meet Start - 1:00

Sunday - Relax.....Or go to the LCM Time Trial......

Monday - Practice, just kidding....

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ticket Information

Okay we have 18 tickets.....Priority is given as follows

Other Relatives
School Affiliations(teachers/counselors)

Please email me asap with quantity and for which days.  Please note tickets on friday are hard to come by, but Saturday is almost never sold out.

Hsu - 2
McGavock - 2
Beese - 2
Gniatczyk - 2
Xue - 2
Lucy - 1
Hsu - 1


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sectional Results

Congrats on a very successful Sectionals to all the girls.  We finished a solid third overall and picked up points on our projected finish.  Overall a very successful day.

Congrats to the state Qualifiers
Meg Beese
Kasia Gniatczyk
Connie Hsu
Joy Xue
Allie McGavock
Brenda Liu
Hailey Walch
Katie Sheline
Courtney Boak

Practice will be at the dungeon on Monday at normal time and on Tuesday at 3:45ish.  I apologize for the late start on Tuesday, but I have boy's pictures at West.

Wednesday and Thursday practice are still being sorted out.

Ticket information for state will go up tomorrow.  Please note we have 19 tickets.  I plan on using all of them.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sectional Week

The final week, or at least the final guaranteed week, is here.  Sectionals will be this Saturday at Downers Grove North, the same pool as conference, starting at 1pm.  I am hoping to take a bus to the meet, and I will update as needed.

Practice is at Lifestart Mon,Tue,Wed.  I am trying to find a pool w/blocks for Thursday and Friday.  Please keep options open.