Sunday, August 26, 2012

Intersquad Recap

So the annual intersquad meet went off quite well on Saturday.  Despite the only 2 week difference we had a vast improvement in what I believe was every single event.  The teams ended up being almost perfectly balanced with the meet coming down to the very last relay.  Kudos to the Green team for winning a very close 4 point meet.  Hopefully everyone came away with a basic understanding of how the meets work and what is expected of them at the each meet.  I am sure some of the older girls also got to see just what it takes to put together a meet lineup.  I believe everyone got to enjoy their cupcakes...........

Tomorrow the 27th is the start of morning practices.  This week we will be going West/South/West in the morning.  When morning practice is at Glenbard West we will be meeting in the Fieldhouse at the far west end of Biester.  Enter through the front doors of the building, take one of the stairwells down to the basement and just walk to the back of the building.  At Glenbard South we enter on the North side of the building through the athletic tunnel.  The first day I will wait a little bit extra, but after that once I close the door to South at 6:00am the door is locked until after school.  The same rules on timeliness will apply at West as they do at practice, meaning anyone late will be docked attendance points.  My final note on morning dryland this week is that anyone with little to no weight room experience should try to make all of the drylands this week.  We will be going over all 5 basic movements this week and it is much easier to teach it thoroughly 1 time than to teach it over and over again in a rush.

The calendar is updated a bit more, let me know if something jumps out as wrong.  No practice on Labor Day.

Please check the attendance calendar regularly so you know where you/your child stands attendance wise.  Also if I make a mistake please email me as soon as possible.  I try to update it daily.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Intersquad Update

Currently the scores are as follows

Green - 19(from Monday)+4(relays)+5(rugby)+4(dryland) = 32
Blue - 17(from Monday) + 2(relays)+5(rugby)+6(dryland) = 30

Tomorrow is the ever popular and infinitely ridiculous random event.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Trivia Results

After a very, ummmm, exciting round of trivia we have the weeks first set of scores

Green - 19
Blue - 17

Tomorrow is one of my highlights of the week. Relay races.

Intersquad Week

So I finally am getting around to updating everything.  First, the calendar through September is up for the most part.  We are missing a couple of meets and I have to clean it up, but it is now posted.  We do not have practice on Labor Day.  The attendance sheet is posted.  Keep an eye on it so you know what your current attendance is.

Now onto the most important part of the post.  Intersquad week starts today.  The schedule for the week will be as follows.

Monday - Trivia
Tuesday - Stupid Relays
Wednesday - Water Games
Thursday - Dryland Races
Friday - Random Stuff
Saturday Intersquad Meet

All of this will be done during normal practice times.  So without further ado, the teams.

Blue Team
Katie Armstrong
Maddy Bradley

Green Team
Maddy Skirvin
Katie Kryger
Kallan Land