Sunday, September 30, 2012

October is Upon us

We have two meets this week so I want to start with the procedure for them.

I will be bringing the final individual entries for the Andrew Invite with me to practice tomorrow.  Relays will be inferred tomorrow as well.  Currently there is a couple of athletes that are relay only swimmers.  I will let them know who they are, relay only swimmers are guaranteed their relay spots.  All other relay spots will be finalized after the meet on Thursday.  We have a large number of relay spots that are split by less than a blink of an eye, and given the manner with which we treat Andrew I want to make sure everyone has the best possibility to swim on a relay.  Anyone who is swimming on Saturday needs to be at the pool at 8:30am.  Please remember to bring real food to eat during the meet.  We had some people sugar crashing on Saturday at Wildcat.

People who are not swimming at Andrew will be swimming their best events on Thursday night against team Sim's.  This provides everyone the best opportunity to perform high quality swims going into the end of the season.  For the Thursday meet please leave immediately after school we will be getting in the water around 3:45pm again.

Dryland this week goes West/South/South.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Saturday Practice

Due to the pool being broken at Butterfield Park District we will be at Bensenville this Saturday.  Practice is from 12-2pm.  The address has been added to the address book.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekly Update

I want to start with a quick meet recap from the tri of swim meets.  On Thursday we ended up losing to Oak Park by 20.  We did have a 2 event winner with Marina S. winning both the 200IM and the 100 breaststroke.

Friday night at the West Chicago Championships we looked much sharper.  I was hoping to have 2 people per event final to swim on Saturday, we ended up averaging just under 2 people per event.  Given that we were swimming "off" events for a lot of people I could be nothing short of pleased with the result.  Saturday continued the good swims with almost every single person who earned a second swim dropping even more time from the previous night.  Though we had no even winners, and very few top 6 finishes we still were able to finish 4th only 4 point out of 3rd place.   Also the A 400 free relay of Marina, Paige, Vicki, and Katie A. broke the F/S record from conference last year.  The girls decided to give the swimmer of the meet to Katie A.

Notes about this week.  We will be having mornings this week at West/South/West.  The meet on Thursday is at York High School and starts at 5PM.  The girls need to be there ready to swim by 3:30pm.  I expect the meet to last a little over 2 hours since York has diving and the tend to run three levels.

This is our final week outside.  Next week we will begin practice in the dungeon.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Meet Starts

With so many meets I wanted to go over the Start/Arrival times for all the meets.

Thursday OPRF - warm-ups 3:45-4p(based on traffic) meet supposed to start at 5pm
Friday West Chicago - Warm-ups 3:30 meet starts at 5pm
Saturday West Chicago - Warm-ups 11:30 meet starts at 1pm

Check the map page for where everything is

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Meet Week Part 1

We finally get to start our West Suburban dual meet schedule.  I can almost hear the girls breathing sighs of relief.  Our schedule is very busy this week so if the girls can they need to get way ahead on their schoolwork.  Morning practices will be at West, South, South this week.  Athletes are still encouraged to come to Friday morning practice.  The West Chicago meet in the past has seen lots of great swims, but is still not a focus meet.

With so many people lacking some attendance points everyone that is eligible is currently entered to swim on Friday night at West Chicago.  However, since the meet is prelim and finals it is unlikely for everyone to swim on Saturday.  I still want everyone to come and cheer for the team(no they don't have to warm-up).  To encourage this anyone who comes on Saturday, but isn't swimming, will be given 2 hours of bonus attendance.

Stay tuned for start times and warm-up times for this week

Friday, September 14, 2012

The Cold

So as we start to deal with less enjoyable parts of swimming outdoors for as long as we do I do want to discuss something.  I don't care if it is cold, the pool is heated.  People who are not swimming and complaining will be sent home.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hero Week

I can hear the groans of all the older girls from here.  Before I get into hero week a couple of notes.  First, we had a very solid meet at Lyons on Saturday.  While we ended up an unimpressive 9th we did have a ton of very good fast swims from nearly everyone.  A couple of things could still use some improvement though.  Everyone needs to talk to me before their races.  Each race has a specific strategy and is never the same from meet to meet, even for the exact same race.  The other major issue from this weekend was people on ipods/phones.  Obviously I was on the opposite side of the pool due to space issues this weekend, but if I see that we will be having problems.  Being on the phone is disrespectful to your teammates who should have been cheering for you during your swims.  There will be no further warnings, only removal from meets.

Next I am in the process of uploading videos from Lyons to the youtube page.  Link below.

Glenbard West/South Youtube

Back to Hero Week.  As I assume every knows by now I am a former Instructor for Naval Special Warfare, and have lost men that were once my students.  This week will simply be a small reminder of what some people are willing to do for all of our small freedoms.  This week however I will also be discussing one of the more niche aspects of swimming thanks to the recent Paralympics.

Next time that you/r daughter comes home complaining of how hard things are, or how it hurts to move, a simple reminder that some people are dealing with worse probably doesn't go far, but this might.

Most people are blessed with a fully functional body and mind that understands limitations and the perceived consequences of pushing pasts these limits.  This should serve as a simple reminder that an unfortunate few are given a crippled body but a mind that doesn't question the limits of reality, but instead a mind that questions if their are limits at all.  These are people whom we should all aspire to emulate, you have your chance every day at practice, more than most people could ask for.  Never take your advantageous situation for granted, your own retrospect will always be the most honest thing you can imagine.

Friday, September 7, 2012

New Page and Video

First wanted to let everyone know that I added a new page to the blog.  Up along the top bar is now the tab for the Address Book of all the places we will be going this season.  I will be constantly updating it so that everyone always has plenty of time to find where they need to be going.

Next comment is on some video taping I have been doing at practice.  One of the greatest advancements for coaches of the last 4 years is the ability to have video taping equipment on hand and ready to use at all times.    This is especially handy when I am having a problem getting a concept into a swimmers head.  All the videos taken at practice will get added to the facebook page since that is the only place I can easily upload from my phone.

Reminder we are in the water at 7:45am tomorrow.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Weekly Update

Not a whole lot to add this week to the discussion of the season.  But do want to update a couple of things.

First, our first meet is this Saturday at Lyons South HS.  Please be ready to get in the water at 7:45am.  Anyone not in the water on time will be considered late.  The meet starts at 9am and was run fairly quick last year.  I do want to let everyone know that despite the attendance issues everyone will be swimming at least 2 events in this meet.  This decision was made since this is a relay meet and is meant to be a fun introduction into the season.  Yes the times will count, but in the past every one of these times was eliminated well before the Champ team was selected.  That said we have little over 2 weeks until the West Chicago entries are due, if the attendance isn't there then the athlete will not swim.

Second,  both drylands are at South this week.  I apologize, but I screwed up our schedule last week without thinking about Labor Day.  This is the only time that this issue will come up.

Hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend, this is the last non Sunday off until after season.

See everyone tomorrow afternoon