Sunday, November 25, 2012

Start of the Boy's Season


  Wanted to throw in a few quick anecdotes for the girls.  First, Meg and Kasia both dropped more time from Sectionals in the 100s.  They also both broke the team records to make a total of 3 new team records for the season.

  We ended up averaging a best times of 4.09% at Sectionals.  I believe this sets a new record for the best meet ever.

  Reminder that the banquet is on Friday @ 6PM at West in the cafeteria.  Contact Gina with any questions.

  Finally, everyone should be getting into the pool on Monday for the start of club season, if you haven't already.  I can not stress enough how important this is to the progress of the program.  We had 2 swims this season at Sectionals to non-club swimmers.  This number will only shrink until eventually we don't even have spots in Varsity for summer league only swimmers.  If you need recommendations please let me know.


First off, the roster....

Ben Shaver
Michael Hsu
Bryce Dibadj
Noah Brunner
Quin Crisman
Neal Livingston
Mihal Junik
Nick Yangas
Marc Isaac
Cole Bridgman
Tim Coutre
Blake Maroney
Barry Livingston
Christian Landreth
Ryan Holm
Sean Hernandez
Michael Yangas
Drew Breun
Aaron Ruggiero
Ethan Baker
Matt Wenta
Jake Herlihy
CJ Szabo

Yes, this is 23 people.  Tim Jenkins has agreed to be an assistant coach, and that has allowed a small number more than initially expected.  Make sure to thank him next time, and every time, you see him.   We will begin our normal practice schedule tomorrow, this includes morning practices.  Ca;endar is being updated as you  read this, and will likely be correct through mid December by the time you are done reading.

Mornings at West will be Monday and Friday.  We start in the fieldhouse at West.  The fieldhouse is in the lower(west) building through the main doors, down the stair and past the cage.

Mornings at South will be on Wednesday.  We enter through the tunnel at South, which is door 19(??).  Please note mornings at South, the door is locked at 6am.  If you are late, then you can't get in.

I do not know the practice time on Saturday.  I need to check with Lifestart to finalize it.

Monday, November 12, 2012



Obviously a pretty good Sectional meet has once again, come and gone.  We were the team that had the largest swing in the pool as we picked up 39 points without a single diver.  I will post more Sectional stuff later, but I am still playing catch-up.

We should have 5(hopefully 7) State Tickets, they will go in the following order.
Swimmers Parents
Team Administrator
Extended Family
Non Competing Parents

Email me ASAP to request tickets. They are $20 per.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Sectionals Week


Nothing really new to add to the week.  Standard practices all week, except no mornings.  We will have a very quick dryland on Tuesday after practice.  I have contacted Proviso West about possibly using their pool on Thursday/Friday, but don't know what to expect.

The bus will leave from West at 11am.  Meet starts at 1pm, and normally goes till 5pm.  I will be trying to get as many people on deck as I legally can, with priority going to the Seniority.  I know that we have an option to do concessions this weekend, but I would like to have every single girl at the meet if possible.  Even if they aren't swimming just being there will help prepare them for the future if they make the meet.


I have the rough outline up of tryout date and times.  Wednesday and Friday are still being discussed with Lifestart Wellness.  The tryout will be on Sunday @ 12pm at Bensenville Aquatic Center, 595 Johns Street. That is the closest 25 yard pool that is available on Sunday.