Friday, December 28, 2012

Mid Xmas Update


First want to start with a quick updated from the 2 meets from the previous week.  Despite having 2 dual meets in a row we were able to still swim around and get everyone that was eligible to swim into multiple events over the course of the meets.  Every single kid who swam turned in a team best time in at least 1 event.  Varsity event winners were...
Ben Shaver
Bryce Dibadj
Tim Coutre
Neil Livingston
Michael Hsu

We did lose to both St. Charles East, Huntley, and Hinsdale South.  However, we did pick up our first victory of the year against other Glenbard.

The boys have been doing a really good job so far this break.  Please be aware as we move forward the previously mentioned attendance adaptation due to the flu eating the team. Athletes who have missed no workouts outside of illness will continue to be eligible regardless of attendance.  Any athlete who has missed any workouts other than illness(even if the majority are illness) is ineligible if below 90%.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Recap, and 2 Meets this week


Wanted to start with a quick recap of the OPRF meet.  We did end up losing 128-42.  However, I was very pleased with how the boys performed as a whole, especially given all the illness issues.  Every single person who swam turned in a team best time, which as mentioned is a great start to the season.  We had 1 event winner, Ben Shaver, in the breaststroke.  Hopefully this week we get to add a few more names to the list of event winners.

Tuesday night's meet will be at St. Charles East High vs STCE and Huntley.  Meet will start at 4:30pm which is earlier than most meets start, so please arrive early.  Once again the boys need to leave immediately after school.  There will be diving, so the meet will run just a little longer than the OPRF meet.

Thursday night's meet will be at Hinsdale South vs HS and other Glenbard.  I do not have the start time, but I am expecting a 4:30pm start there as well, but do not know for certain at this time.

Morning practice are West on Monday, South on Wednesday and Friday.  I am aware that most of the boys have tests, but they are still expected to attend all morning workouts.

I will start to be sitting kids out of meets for poor attendance.  Any swimmer who is less than 90% attendance at the start of the meet will be sat out for the duration of the meet.  However, if an athlete is sitting out of the meet they will get bonus attendance for the meet portion.  This amount is minuscule and allows for kids who missed for reasons beyond their control to get caught up.

Finally, athletes who have missed practice for no reason other than illness will be eligible, regardless of attendance points, until they miss any other practice.  So if a swimmer has 100% attendance except the flu, they are eligible until they miss a practice.


As mentioned on the facebook page I am working out a deal with Crossfit Glen Ellyn for a place to do dryland when not in season.  I have not finalized the details with them as of this time, but do have the following worked out.

They would be part of the general population, they would not have their own special classes.
They would pay a discounted rate, this rate isn't finalized yet, but there is a discussion of greater reduction for a large number of swimmers.
The workouts would be lightly modified for them, limiting some of the more extreme lifts that serve no purpose for swimmers.
If enough joined they could request their own class time, likely immediately after school.

I can not reiterate how important it is for the girls to stay active outside of the pool.  I know most of the team is swimming year round at this point, but dryland is also very important.  Despite the fact that most of the girls are beyond competent in the weightroom, none of them should be going and working out on their own.  Despite the costs they all need to be getting some sort of instruction and direction, and I feel the Crossfit option is the best one that I know of.

Please email me if you have any further questions.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

First Swim Meet on Friday


Would like to start off this week with a quick congratulations to the Green team who ended up winning the Intersquad week by a resounding 57-95 tally.

Drylands this week are at West on Monday and Friday, South on Wednesday.

Athletes need to leave for Oak Park River Forest High School immediately after school.  It is already the longest drive, time wise, we have to make on a school day so please leave immediately.  Upon arrival we will begin warming-up/workout.  Meet should start right at 5pm.

Everyone will be swimming on Friday, regardless of attendance.  Both meets next week are tri-meets, so we will be restricted in the individual events.  I just want to make sure everyone gets some swims in before Winter Break.

Winter Break calendar will be finished as soon as I hear from West what time we can use the weight room in the morning.

Finally, there were some issues in the locker room on Saturday.  If there are any further issues people will be removed from the program.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Intersquad Update

We have now completed the first 3 "competitions" of the intersquad week.  The Monday relays ended in a 5-5 tie as both teams got DQ'd on 2 of the 4 relays.  The Tuesday evening Trivia ended in a 7-8 match, unfortunately the entire trivia was worth 30 points.  Wednesday we did the dryland challenge with a score of 4-6.  Therefore the current score is....

Blue - 16
Green - 19

2 quick book keeping things.  First, All Tuesday and Thursday afternoon practices will include dryland and stretching until 6pm.  This Saturday's practice will be from 7:30-9:30am.

I will update the calendar with winter break as soon as I hear back from the schools.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Boy's Inaugural Intersquad Week


Arguably the single largest advantage of having a large team this year is the ability to run an Intersquad week.  We will be having AM practice at West on Monday, South on Wednesday and Friday.  I am not certain of the practice time on Saturday, we will go no later than 9am.

The calendar for this week is as follows

Monday - Relay challenge
Tuesday - Trivia
Wednesday - Dryland Challenge
Thursday - Water Sports
Friday - Random Challenge
Saturday - "Meet", hence not knowing what time practice is

The rosters are as follows 

Green Team
Michael H

Blue Team
Michael Y