Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Conference Info

Going to try and keep this as brief as possible.  The most important information for everyone is....

The bus for the Conference Taper will leave at 10:45am from Glenbard South.  All Athletes should be there at 11:15am.  The meet will start at 1pm.  The meet could last as much as 5 hours, this is a very long meet.

Hinsdale has asked that all spectators either check coats or leave them in their cars.  They are expecting to be beyond capacity on Saturday and every bit of extra space helps.

If you have any other questions please let me know.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Conference Week

I will post an update of how the meets went tomorrow night or Tuesday morning, so putting a place holder.

This is the final week for the Conference Taper kids.  Conference Taper has no morning practice this week.  They have no dryland after practice on Thursday.  They will have normal swimming all this week.

Sectional group has morning practice on Monday(west) and Wednesday(south).  They have both drylands after swim this week.  Standard swimming practice.

We will be taking a bus to conference, however we only have a single 14 seat bus.  Therefore, the only people who will be riding the bus are the Conference Taper group.  We will be leaving at approx. 10:45am.  I will update with the exact time after the coaches meeting on Wednesday.  Everyone needs to be there by 11:30am.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Metea Line-up

The following are swimming Saturday at Metea.

Cole Bridgman
Drew Breun
Noah Brunner
Tim Coutre
Quin Crisman
Bryce Dibadj
Ryan Holm
Michael Hsu
Marc Isaac
Michal Junik
Barry Livingston
Neil Livingston
Ben Shaver
CJ Szabo
Matt Wenta
Michael Yangas
Nick Yangas

Also so everyone is aware, I will not be there.  There has been an issue that has come up with the club team and I need to be at that meet on Saturday.  This is the only conflict where the club will, or has, taken precedence this year.  Once again apologies.

Tech Suit Update

Swimmer's Edge has gotten the tech suit prices too me.  They are as follows...

Speedo LZR Pro(the gold stictching) - $145

Speedo LZR Elite(the panels) - $208

Blue70 NeroTX(the older model) - $170

There are other brands and other models, but these are the 3 most well known and most accessible to use.

I encourage everyone go to Swimmer's Edge and try on a suit before you buy.  I also suggest everyone go ASAP to get this done.

I will post the Metea roster tonight.  Many kids are on the bubble of being ineligible due to attendance.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

4 Weeks till Sectionals

Want to start off with a quick recap of our performance from over the weekend.  On Friday we visited Lyons, the sight of our Sectional this year, and lost by a score of 128 - 41.  The following won an event.

Michael Hsu

Team Best Times were...

Quin Crisman, Michal Junik, Matt Wenta, Michael Hsu, Christian Landreth, Barry Livingston, Ben Shaver, Noah Brunner, Jake Herlihy, Drew Breun, Neil Livingston, Ryan Holm, Michael Yangas, Nick Yangas, Marc Isaac, and Tim Coutre

Saturday we participated in our first Invite of the season at Hinsdale Central.  While we finished 8th, I was very pleased with our performance.  We had 1 medalist

Ben Shaver

Team Best Times were...

Matt Wenta, Quin Crisman, Cole Bridgman, Michal Junik, Ryan Holm, Bryce Dibadj, Nick Yangas, Neil Livingston, Ben Shaver, Jake Herlihy, and Drew Breun

Now then, moving on.  We are going to start breaking into our taper groups.I will discuss this with the boys tomorrow morning.  Kids that will be tapering for Conference will have no morning practice on Friday, they also have no morning practice at all next week.  The Conference kids will have normal practice the remainder of the week.  Sectional group will have Friday morning practice at West.

We have 2 meets this week.  Friday we are at Hinsdale Central.  We will be celebrating both our Seniors and the Hinsdale Central Seniors.  Unfortunately, we were unable to get a Senior Night with St. Francis organized this year due to a number of circumstances.  Hopefully, the new coach will work with us in the future.  All athletes need to head to HC immediately after school.  The Sectional group will get in upon arrival and do a practice, the Conference group will warm-up at 4:15pm.

The Saturday meet is at Metea Valley High School.  Warm-ups will start at 8:30am.  Please arrive at 8:15am.  At this time I am expecting all athletes to be competing in this meet.  I will post the roster on Tuesday evening.

Finally, tech suits.  I am working on getting preferred prices for all of our championship suits.  If you don't know what I am talking about please read back through old blog posts as I have gone into excruciating detail in the past on why they matter.  The simplified version is tech suits are the equivalent of legal cheating.  I expect ALL athletes to have some form of tech suits at their respective championship meets.  I have warned the boys about the absurd cost of these suits.  There are 3 preferred options for suits.

Speedo LZR pro - AKA the suit with the gold stitching.  The cheapest option.  This suit is perfectly fine.  However, please try it on and makes sure that it is very snug as they tend to parachute if too big.  Very snug=very uncomfortable

Speedo LZR elite - AKA the panel suit.  Unlike the gold suit this is a bonded barely permeable material suit. The difference in cost is an option for some.  Solid suit from the 800 pound gorilla of a company in the swimming market.

Blue Seventy Nero TX - AKA the durable suit.  This is my favorite suit, possibly ever(with the exception of the JAKED, but that is another story).  Most tech suits last approximate 4-5 days of competition.  The Blue Seventy lasts upwards of 10(if properly maintained).  It is a good suit that while not as fancy as other brands is just about as good.

I know I just bombarded people with information, so PLEASE EMAIL ME QUESTIONS!!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013


The following are swimming in the meet at Hinsdale Central on Saturday.

Cole Bridgman
Brew Breun
Tim Coutre
Quin Crisman
Bryce Dibadj
Jake Herlihy
Ryan Holm
Michal Junik
Neil Livingston
Ben Shaver
Matt Wenta
Nick Yangas

Anyone who is not swimming is encouraged to be there at 1pm.  They will receive bonus attendance for being there.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Finals Week Post

Quick update on the plan for the week.

Morning practice on Monday is at West.  I am trying to have practice on Wednesday morning at South.  If we do have practice, it is optional.  I will not be taking attendance Wednesday morning.  I offer because I know there are a handful of boys whom have no, or only 1 final Wednesday.

Friday we will have a 3 hours practice in the morning, just like over Winter Break, I need to see what time we can get into both the pool and weightrooms.  The Lyons meet is an afternoon meet as well.  Therefore everyone needs to be at Lyons by 4pm, and we will get in shortly thereafter.

Saturday we have our first limited entry meet of the season.  If your child is swimming in the Saturday meet at Hinsdale please plan on having them at the pool by 11:45am, meet will start at 1pm.

Finally, we have 3 weeks until conference.  Please start planning on buying a tech suit in the near future.  I will updated this week with more details once I get a better idea on prices.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Weekly Update 2013 - Part 1

Wanted to just re-up on the blog to get people caught up.

First, mornings this week will go West/South/West.  There is one minor change to Monday AM.  We will be starting at 6:05am on Monday.  The other 2 mornings will start at 6am.

Practice for Saturday is tentatively at 9am at the tower.  I do not plan on making any changes.

Meet on Tuesday at DGN.  This is our biggest mid-season meet, mostly because I haven't been able to find a Saturday meet for this weekend yet.  Boys need to bring their warm-ups and an all business attitude.  For reference, I suggest the boys talk to any girls swimmers they know and say I am treating this as Andrew Invite, they will know.  We will also be redoing the team pictures on Tuesday, everyone must have warm-ups to be in the pictures.