Saturday, August 31, 2013

Team building games

Friday night we played a number of games before the storms came down.

First, Sack races blue won for 5 points
Second, Snake game Green got 6 Blue got 3
Finally, Knot game Green should have gotten negative points, but Blue won for 5 points

New Scores

Blue - 42
Green - 42

We will be starting the day with 0-0 scoreline.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Slightly Overdue Update


So we have had 3 more events this week in the Intersquad Week Challenge.

First, on Tuesday we did 3 relays.  Despite the Blue team dominating 2 of the 3 relays, fatal errors cost them in both and Green came away with 4 points.  We also did the Boat relay.....New Score Blue 18 - Green 26

On Wednesday we played water ultimate.  I am very glad I don't have to worry about Polo in the spring...  Green earned 7 points Blue earned 3.  New Score Blue 21 - Green 33

Finally, on Thursday we did a dryland race.  Despite some solid running from the green team, final score of Blue 8 and 3 for Green.  New Score Blue 29 - Green 36

So going into the final day of random activities(videos will follow) the score is...

BLUE - 29
GREEN - 36

Hope to see everyone on Saturday.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Trivia Day Update

Day 1 of the amazing intersquad competition is in the books.  Scores are as follows.

Blue - 18
Green - 22

Tomorrow we continue the week, with some relay silliness.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Intersquad Week

Congratulations to everyone who survived the first, and easiest, week.  Calendar for this week is correct and calendar through the end of September should be updated by practice tomorrow.  Please note 2 things.  First, we are starting 15 minutes earlier this year.  This will be a non-issue while at Butterfield but I will keep an eye on it once we go indoors.  Second, we will be having AM practice on Friday morning.  I personally feel it is a much less steep learning curve if the first morning is followed by a long weekend. Friday AM practice will be at South.  Enter through the tunnel opposite the practice football/baseball fields, door 19.  Please note at South I have to lock the door behind me and I walk in the door at 6am.

To help spice up the first week of school we will be commencing the 4th annual intersquad week.  This is one of the most fun weeks of the year for the kids, and something that comes with a small sweet prize at the end.  The teams will be for the remainder of the athletes HS careers.  Traditionally this has worked out well, and something I personally love.  I will try to update scores from the daily events as the week goes.

Weekly Schedule

Tuesday-Stupid Relays
Wednesday-Water Games
Thursday-Dryland Races

Due to the meet on Saturday practice is open.  That said be ready to work if you come.

Finally, the Teams

Blue Team
Katie A
Maddy Bradley

Green Team
Maddie Skirvin
Katie K
Maddie Short

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Team Meeting and Calendar Update

The team meeting is tonight at 5:15pm.    Please be on time as I want to be done before the crowd starts to show up for the all sports meeting.   The meeting will be in room 322,  enter through the main entrance, turn left and you can't miss it.

The attendance sheet is posted under the attendance tab.  Please check all spelling and grades of athletes.  I want to make sure everything is correct before setting it on the team database.

The calendar is getting updated today.  Please check it and let me know if/when I make a mistake.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

First Week of the Girls 2013 Season

So welcome to the first blog post of the new swim season.  Not a whole lot of information to post since we will be having a parent meeting on Wednesday, but wanted to get some of the basic rules out of the way.

First, I take attendance daily.  Each individual athletes attendance is calculated based upon the number of hours they attend.  I will round all absences to the nearest half hour.  Athletes must have 90% attendance to be eligible to compete in meets.  There are functionally no excused absences, however I am realistic.

Regardless of reason for missing practice, I must receive an email before practice starts alerting me that an athlete will be missing.  If I do not receive an email the athlete will not receive an excused absence.

Any athlete who is late to practice will lose attendance.  Late is defined as more than 90 seconds from me starting practice.  I will never start practice early, though some announcements will be done prior to practice on occasion.

All athletes need to have proper dryland clothes for any practice with dryland.  Proper clothes consist of a shirt, school legal shorts, and running shoes.

Practice is over whenever we are done.  The ending time listed for practices is approximate.

Wednesday night is the parent meeting.  We will be at Glenbard West at approximately 5:15pm.  Further updates once we know what room.  Immediately following the team meeting the required parent meeting will happen in the school auditorium.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Final Tryout Information

As can be seen on the tryout tab of the webpage, tryouts for the girls do start tomorrow.  Just wanted to give a brief description of everything that is needed for the first day of tryouts.

Training Suit

We will be in the water at Butterfield Park District at 9:30am and out of the water at 11:30am.  If there are any further details to be added I will add them tomorrow after practice.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tryout Page Posted

Tryout information has been posted under the tryout tab.  Please let me know if there is any questions.