Sunday, November 24, 2013

State Recap and Tryout Week

Congratulations to everyone who got to be up at the State Meet.

Medley Relay added .20 seconds and ended up 29th.  We cam into the meet seeded 34th.  We nearly won our heat, which is all I can ask.

Meg dropped another .80 off of her school record in the 100 backstroke, with a 58.01.  She ended up 19th, a mere .54 away from earning a trip to finals. She came into the meet seeded 38th.

After the meet was over everyone went to Five Guys.......much fun was had by all, except Coach Jenkins, who is likely now scarred for life.


Tryouts are this week.

Athletes must attend 3 of the 4 practices before the Time Trial to be eligible.
Time Trial will be used to calculate teams, it is purely a math equation.
Monday and Tuesday are from 3:20p-5:20p at the Tower
Wednesday is 5:30a-7:30a at the tower
Friday is 2p-4p at the tower(sorry this is the latest they will let us in)
Sunday Time Trials 2-4p at Bensenville

Look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

State Information

Congrats to everyone for yet another solid Sectional performance.  A few minor changes and the whole day could have been very different.  Great day overall, and a good wrap to the season.

State information.  We currently have 8 tickets, with the expectation we will get 2 more.  The order of priority goes...

Extended Family

I need to know who wants tickets ASAP.  Each ticket is $20.  Unlike in years past there will likely be a large number of extra tickets available for purchase. They are not selling extra tickets they must be scalped.  Anyone who doesn't get one of our tickets and wants to go is encouraged to get to New Trier very early on Friday and try to get a ticket.  It is one of the most unique(and bizarre) meets in the country, and an experience worth going to.

Bus will be leaving at about 10:45am.  We will be stopping for lunch along the way(likely Panera).  Warm-ups start at 2pm.  Meet starts at 3:30pm.  I believe the medley relay is the very first heat.  After we are done we will be going out to dinner(Five Guys likely).

Current Ticket Request(in order)...BOLDED HAVE TICKETS AT THIS TIME(we have 11)
Jenny Armstrong
Katie Sheline
Katie Kryger
Kallan Land
Brandi Buczynski
Marina Schroeder
Katie Armstrong
Skyler Budny

Friday, November 15, 2013

Sectional Information

So tomorrow is the culmination of 13 weeks of gruelingly hard work and endless hours of practice.  Going to just bulletpoint it to keep it easier to read

Diving Warm-ups 7:30am

Diving starts 9am

Bus leaves 10:50am from South

Warm-ups start at 11:30am.

Meet starts at 1pm.

Parking is going to be a huge issue.  EVERYONE must park in the parking lot on Main Street, the east side of the school, if that is full there is limited parking around the high school.  They will have someone directing you to the pool from that building entrance.  I encourage everyone to get there early this year.  We have 2-3 more teams at Sectionals than usual so the bleachers will be very hard to come by.

Check back in the morning if I forgot anything.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sectional Week 2013

Going to keep this as short as possible, already too focused as it is.

No AM practice this week.
Monday we are 1-3pm at Bensenville.  This is our last look at blocks till Saturday.
Tuesday PM is last dryland of the season.
Remainder of week is 3:20-done.

We will have a bus, don't know where we are leaving from yet.  Will be leaving around 10:45-11am.

I expect to see anyone not on deck up in the stands.

Sectional athletes please get to bed ASAP each and every night.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Conference Recap/Sectional Rsoter

So without further ado, the official sectional line-up.

Katie Armstrong
Meghan Beese
Courtney Boak
Brandi Buczynski
Skyler Budny
Claire Ficarella
Paige Lay
Annie Meyers
Hera Miao
Vicky Reese
Marina Schroeder
Joy Xue

Congratulations to all who get to be on the Sectional Roster.

Conference went very well.  We ended up 3rd in the F/S division, 3rd in JV(though officially unscored), and 5th in Varsity.  That puts us 4th overall in F/S(despite not swimming a single meet in that division) and tied for 5th in Varsity.  Not bad considering. Award winners are.

Katie A(100 free Champ)
Maddy B

Katie K.
Katie S.(100 Fly Champ)
Jenny(200 Free Champ)


For anyone interested in stat keeping for the tapered group, it was the single best girl's meet of all time, average improvement of 5.79%.

AM's go Monday-West, Wednesday South.  All afternoons at the Tower.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Conference Information

Sorry for the late post, but been trying to figure everything out for tomorrow.

First, please maintain a fairly normal sleep schedule tonight.  No one should be sleeping absurdly late.  Also make sure to eat a full breakfast, as well as bring a good bit of snack food.

Bus for the conference taper group will be leaving at 11:45am from Glenbard South.  This is a change due to I can't get the bus as early as planned.  I will be reiterating this to the girls tonight.  People driving themselves need to be on deck at 12:15p.

Warm-ups start at 12:30p
Meet starts at 2p

Athletes do not have to ride the bus home, but I need to know ASAP so I am not searching for kids after the meet.