Sunday, August 31, 2014

Labor Day Week

First and foremost, congrats to the Blue team for a hard fought victory.  I feel this is a great example of how swim meets can work.  Green team either won, or finished 2,3,4 in the entire first part of the meet. However, 1 big event swung the entire meet.  A final difference of 2.2 points between the 2 teams.  This is less than a point in basketball for comparison.

Next all practice times are posted on the calendar.

If you will be missing a meet please let me know ASAP. I have already started planning meet entries, so the more notice the better.

This week. Monday AM @ west 7:45, then to Butterfield @ 9:30. All athletes are to be there, regardless of level.

Wednesday morning @ South
Friday morning @ West

Finally, we are driving/carpooling this week. If you have not gotten me the swimming specific waiver by end of practice Monday the athlete will not be able to practice due to policies.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Intrasquad Update

Fell a couple of nights behind on the Intrasquad

Wednesday was the relay challenge.  The T-shirt relay and the Kickboard relay were split 1-1, so no points change.  The boat race remained undefeated, though Green team was the closest to victory yet.  Overall 5 points a piece with no change in the differential

Thursday was dryland games, namely octopus tag and snake.  Octopus tag saw the Green team earn 4 points.  The Snake game was won by the Blue team by a score of 8-4.  Once again no change in the differential

Current Scores
Green - 38
Blue - 37

A couple of reminders.  Tonight at 5:40(ish) we will be starting the skits.  Everyone is highly encouraged to come watch.  However, the athletes will still have to ride the bus back to school, just wanted to make sure everyone knew.  On Saturday, we will be competing in the annual Intrasquad meet.  Once again, everyone is encouraged to come and watch.  Meet will start at about 10am and will run till right at 11:30am.  Normally a lot of fun is had, so everyone is highly encouraged to come watch.  And regardless of weather we will be having practice....

Finally, practice calendar is basically complete for the entire season.  If anything looks amiss, please let me know.


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Dryland Challenge Update

For the 2nd day of the intersquad week we competed in the dryland challenge.  Athletes worked in pairs for a quick 3 minute workout.  Before I get to the scores I do want to say great job from everyone cheering and supporting your teammates, regardless of what side they were on.  Would award bonus points for it, but everyone was doing it

Green - 9
Blue - 3

Green - 30
Blue - 29

Tomorrow is relays, and the return of the undefeated boat race.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Bus Update and Trivia

So update for the rest of the week first.  We will be having a bus every day for the rest of the week.

Bus will leave from West at 2:45p
Bus will arrive/leave from South between 2:55p
Go to butterfield for practice, then reverse on the way home.

Moving forward, starting Saturday, everyone will need a transportation waiver.  This is for transportation to practice, as everything gets figured out further I will let everyone know.  Hopefully all details for Labor Day Week are finalized by Wednesday PM practice.   Please email me for a digital copy of the transportation waiver, I will have paper copies tomorrow.

As for the trivia challenge.  It would appear that I need to up the difficulty. The current scores are....

Blue 26
Green 21

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Intersquad Week

Before I get into the fun stuff, first the technical stuff.

Monday everyone will be taking the bus to practice.  Failure to be on the bus means the athlete will not practice.

The bus will leave from West at 2:30pm
The bus will drive to South, leave approximately 2:45pm.
Practice at Butterfield till 6pm.
The bus will then go the opposite route, with South first, then West.

Everyone will be taking the bus home.

For all other day's of the week I will post a new post, as well as tell the girl's at practice on Monday.  Much of this week will be up in the air due to things just not being figured out yet.

Now then, onto the fun stuff.

Green Team
Paige Lay
Annie Meyers
Marina Schroeder
Skyler Budny
Vicky Reese
Claire Ficarella
Emily Weigand
Amy Banach
Emily Garza
Olivia Gunn
Maddy Short
Mallory Bissett
Marley Beckham
Kasia Kostelic

Blue Team
Hera Miao
Annabel Davis
Katie Armstrong
Brandi Buczynski
Julia Hall
Patrice Labos
Maddie Skirvin
Hannah Jenkins
Maddy Bradley
Rebecca Lekatsos
Siena Pierce
SammiJo Schroeder
Hana Beckham
Sophia Bruun

Every day at the end of practice we will be doing a group activity that will be for points, the schedule is as follows...
Monday - Trivia
Tuesday - Dryland Race
Wednesday - Relays
Thursday - Ultimate/Games
Friday - Skits
Saturday - Meet

Everyone is encouraged to come watch on Friday(5:30p) and Saturday(10:00am).  Quick note on the meet.  Everyone is swimming, regardless of attendance due to the meet being swim team in house.

Morning schedule (Mon/Wed/Fri)...Off/South/West.  Reminder that the JV kids, officially announced tomorrow, only have morning practice at their home school.

Please check the spelling on all names as this is what I have in my database, if something is incorrect please let me know and I will fix it.

I know a bunch of people are going to be missing meets as well, please let me know the meet.

If you have any questions please use both emails still.....

Monday, August 18, 2014

Suit Fitting

Suit fitting will be on Wednesday immediately following swim practice.  Suits are I believe $61.50, the vendor can accept cash, check, and credit card.  He will also have some caps, goggles, and some other minor accessories.  If anyone is interested we are using the Speedo Razor Dot.

I do also have all the picture order forms.  I will have them with me both tomorrow and on Wednesday.  If any of the freshman parents want to grab a form tomorrow please feel free to stop by the pool and pick one up.

Everyone that missed dryland today due to the orientation will be making up dryland on Thursday.  I will find out the exact time tonight and post it to the calendar.  

Finally, please send all emails to both the account and the gmail account.  The First Class server is having some issues at the moment and bouncing at seemingly random times.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

First Full Week

First and foremost, thanks to everyone who came and tried out.  I am pleased to say everyone will be continuing on.

Second, apologies to the Glenbard South group about the ImPact Testing.  Confusion on my part.

If you have your own gear, please bring it tomorrow.  We will be seeing how much more gear needs to be purchased.

Now then, moving forward.  The calendar for this week is finalized and posted.  I was off on the approximate weightroom time so I apologize.  This is extremely important, as we have a lot of time and will be taking the time to teach all the lifts/movements we will use throughout the season.  Video Demo's at the end of the post, these are required viewing as it will make everyone come in more prepared.

We do have suit fitting this week, likely on Monday or Wednesday immediately following swim practice.  Girl's will have to purchase their own practice(any) and meet suits(including tech at the end of season if they desire).  This is due to the fact the cannot be reused the following season.

Wednesday night we also have parent/athlete meeting.  All athletes need to attend, as well as at least 1 parent for each athlete.  The whole athletic department meeting is at 6:30pm at Glenbard West.  The Swim Team only meeting will hopefully be at 5:30pm at Glenbard West.  We try to go before as the athletic department meeting doesn't have a firm timeline.  I will update the blog and inform the girl's as soon as I know all specifics.

Finally, team pictures are scheduled for Thursday at 1:00pm at Glenbard West.  I know we do a lot of the early season stuff at West, but please understand that the program is technically registered through West, so they run all of our IHSA administration requirements.

Finally the necessary knowledge of lifts.  Some of these are extremely long, apologies.  All exercises can also be found on catalyst athletics, but without instructions.

Squat - warning shirtless male
Press - video ends at 2:28

Deadlift - video ends around 3:00 mark
Pull-up - video ends at 2:20

Clean - video starts at 1:50
Front Squat
Pendlay Row - From the guy who invented it

We will also do other exercises including but not limited to...
Flat Rows
Wall Ball
Jump and Touch

Thursday, August 14, 2014

ImPact Testing

Quick note.  All athletes are required to complete and ImPact test prior to Monday practice.  Due to our schedule falling in the middle of the available times the only available date is tomorrow August 15th at 10:30am.

Immediately following practice everyone needs to go to West and meet in the Library. The testing should only take 20-30 minutes.

For more information on ImPact Testing click here.

I will have weight schedule for next week hopefully by this time tomorrow.

I will also have team meeting information hopefully by this time tomorrow.


Sunday, August 3, 2014

Girl's Tryouts 2014

The girl's swim season is nearly upon us.  The following is the basic information for the start of the girl's swim season.

Tryouts start on Wednesday August 13th.
All tryout practices will be from 8-10am at the Butterfield Park District.
Saturday August 16th will be time trials from 9:30am-11:30 am at the Butterfield Park District.
All tryouts and the time trial will be counted towards attendance.

New this year, the team will be broken into both a full Varsity and a full JV team.  The sport is now capable of accepting all athletes, barring safety issues.

This page/blog will get updated as more information is made available.  This includes an updated attendance policy, updated schedule, and class information related to early release.