Sunday, November 30, 2014

First Full Week of Boy's Season 2014

Starting tomorrow on December 1st the Boy's season starts in earnest with a full standard week.  The full calendar is posted on the calendar tab.  The attendance has also been updated and is now correct.

Once  COD closes on December 13th.  The tentative schedule is as follows...

On school days we will be practicing from 3:15-5:15pm @ Oakbrook Terrace Tower.  This is certain on T/R I am still discussing on M/W.  I will update calendar and a post once I figure it all out.

Over Xmas break we will be swimming from 9:30am-11:30 am daily.  We will also be lifting on a daily basis, so check the calendar.

I know this is all extremely complicated, but the COD pool closing came late and has been a bit tricky.  If you have questions let me know.

As for this week.  AM practices start tomorrow.  The schedule this week is West/South/West.  Please note practice starts at 0600 sharp.  Showing up late is unacceptable.

At West enter the front doors of the fieldhouse.  The fieldhouse is the lower building across from the main school building.

At South enter Door 19.  I will prop the door open at roughly 5:50am.  Please note this door gets closed and locked at 6:00am.

All AM practices will end at roughly 6:50am.  This should be plenty of time for everyone to shower and get to class.

Tomorrow, we have our team pictures immediately after practice.  Please workout carpools as neede to make sure that everyone can get back to West.

Finally, our first meet is this coming Friday at Hinsdale South High School.  Everyone is expected to leave immediately after school.  Once we arrive we will warm-up/workout before the meet.   This is one of our biggest meets of the year with opening the season against other glenbard.  I will update with any further information once I hear from the coach.


Thursday, November 20, 2014

State Tickets

I have picked up the tickets today.

I will deliver the tickets to the State Qualifier's Families at practice today.

Everyone else please stop by the pool before 4pm or come to Esplanade between 5:30-7:30pm


Sunday, November 16, 2014

State Info

Great Sectional Meet!

100% Team best times. 100% Scoring Swims.  5 New Varsity Records. 3 New F/S Records. Finished 3rd at Sectionals. 1 All American Consideration Time.

Average Improvement of 3.05% on lifetime best time.
Average Improvement of 4.10% on season best time.

Moving forward to State.

Standard practice this week for those competing in the State Meet.  Any athlete competing in a club meet this weekend and wanting to continue training is welcome to.  Please note they will be expected to maintain the same focus and decorum as those competing at State, failure to do so will result in removal from practice.  If you are interested please email me and I would be happy to explain.

Ticket Information
We will have 17 tickets.  If you would like a ticket you must email me.  I have already started looking downstate for possible extra tickets.  Tickets are $20 per person, you may be able to sell off Saturday Tickets if we don't make finals.  We will be taking a White Bus and will also do our traditional stop for food on the way home.  I don't have all that information at this time and will update here/verbally at practice.  Priority is as follows...

Extended Family
Outside Supporters

I will update with tickets here....
Lay/Stieglitz - 2
Davis - 2
Meyers - 2
Armstrongs - 2
Miao - 2
Reese - 1
Olivia Gunn - 1
Marina Schroeder - 1
Brandi Buczynski - 1
Davis - 1
Claire Ficarella - 1
Skyler Budny - 1

Practice calendar is updated through COD closing.  I have not finalized that time yet so can't post it.


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sectional Week

Biggest week of the year coming up.  And also the easiest logistically.

All practices are at 2:30pm at COD this week.  NO MORNINGS!  Starting on Wednesday everyone can come after school.

Bus will be leaving West at 11am.  Meet starts at 1pm.  Normally about 4 hours.

So, I also finally have the time for a recap of Sectionals and JV Invite.

Every single athlete turned in at least 1 team best time.  100%......

Average Improvement of 2.36% from lifetime best times.  Just over 5% improvement from season best times.

Award Winners for Fresh/Soph were...

200 Medley Relay - Claire, Julia, Annabel, Skyler
200 Free - Annabel
200 IM - Skyler (Champion)
50 Free - Claire
200 Free Relay - Skyler, Julia, Claire, Emily W
100 Back - Annabel

Award Winners, and therefore All-Conference, in Varisty were...

200 Free - Paige
200 IM - Hera
100 Back - Paige


Sunday, November 2, 2014

Looking forward to Sectionals

There will be a complete Conference recap on Tuesday, but for now lets just say that I was quite pleased with the performance.  Quick note of congrats to our F/S Conference Champ Skyler Budny(200 IM).  Also congrats to the Varsity All-Conference in Hera Miao(200IM) and Paige Lay(200 Free/100 Back).

First, Sectional Roster...

Paige Lay
Hera Miao
Annie Meyers
Annabel Davis
Claire Ficarella
Julia Hall
Katie Armstrong
Vicky Reese
Skyler Budny
Marina Schroeder
Brandi Buczynski
Emily Weigand

Sectional group has normal PM practices this week.  Monday @ West and Wednesday @ South.  Quick note that both practices start at 6:15am this week.

Monday is the JV Invite(aka JV State) at York High School.  Meet starts at 5pm.  Bus will go South to West.   So bus from South at 3pm, then to West at 3:10pm.  Unknown at this time if it will be White bus, or a yellow bus.