Sunday, December 28, 2014

Lincoln Way Central Meet

This week is part 2 of the Christmas Break Schedule.  Big bits of information for practice are all swimming is still at 9:30-11:30am at The Tower.  Dryland in the AM goes West/South/West (Mon/Tue/Friday)

Tomorrow on Monday 12/29 we have a meet at Lincoln Way Central.  All swimmers who are in town are swimming.  We will start AM practice at 7:15am.  Soon as we are done with AM practice we will drive down to the High School.  The meet warm-ups start at 9am.  Meet Starts at 10am.  I am expecting the meet to be over by 1pm.


Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Week

Start with a quick recap of our meet at OPRF.  Obviously, OPRF is a tremendously deep team and continues to show off that depth.  To be honest they are the next stop on the program development "progression".  A quality program that will send kids to state, but also have every single championship season swim be a contender to score points and make a difference for the team.

New Team Best Times...

Event Winners...
Chris Bean

Moving forward to this week.  Since school is out we will be having a different schedule this week.  Please check the calender.  Attendance will be taken the same as normal.

For AM weights at West(re: tomorrow 12/22) I am not certain if the building will be unlocked.  I have gotten 2 different stories.  We will play it by ear.  So please be ready to hang around a couple of minutes to make sure we can get in.

If you are not going to be able to compete at Lincoln Way Central on 12/29 I need to know ASAP.  It is a mid-morning start.  I expect to be back in Glen Ellyn around 2pm.

Finally, COD is going to be closed until February.  I have already started looking for solutions for January.


Sunday, December 14, 2014

COD is closed

Going to be a bit brief as still on my phone.  The entire schedule for this week is posted on the calendar.  Please check the calenear now and email me with any questions or conflicts.  Entrance to DGN is on the West Side of the building enter through the courtyard area.  The Tower entrance is on the eastside of the building then head down to the basement.  I do not know where the entrance to Carol Stream Park District is, but practice is at the Fountain View Recreation Center.

Congrats to the Blue team on winning intersquad week.

Mornings go West/South/West

We have a meet at OPRF on Friday.  Everyone needs to leave immediately after school.  Meet starts at 5pm.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Final Score Update

Last night at swim practice we played UltimateFootballRugby.  The blue team got 7 points, while the green team got 2 points

This morning we played Shirt Tag and the Blue team won again for 5 more points.  So the simplified final score going into the intersquad meet tomorrow is....

Blue - 12
Green - 0

Basically like having to win the meet without diving.....


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Intersquad and Schedule

First the update to the Intersquad Scoring

Relays went in favor of the Blue team 10-5.  Dryland races went in favor of the Green team 8-3.  Meaning the current score is....

Blue - 22
Green - 20

Moving forward to next week.  COD is closed next week.  The calendar through the end of winter break has been posted.  Couple of quick notes.  Despite the super late night practice times on Monday and Wednesday of next week we will still have morning practices.  Talking to the boy's they understood and agreed it was probably for the best.

Finally we do have a meet over winter break.  This is a limited entry meet(not everyone may be able to swim).  As such please let me know ASAP if you are unable to make the meet so that I can make the proper lineup the first time.


Monday, December 8, 2014

Post Trivia Update

Current scores after a interesting display of swimming and general knowledge...

Blue - 9
Green - 7

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Intersquad Week

Before I get into the Intersquad week information, a quick wrap up from last weeks Tri meet.

We did a tremendous job from top to bottom on Friday.  We ran away with the JV level, and just lost to Hinsdale South at the Varsity level.  It was a tremendous show of how far the program has come since 2 years ago when we last swam Hinsdale South.  We were almost 20 points closer to HS in the Varsity level and went from losing JV to more than doubling their score in JV.  Kudos to everyone involved(both athletes and parents) on staying the course and really building a great foundation for the future of the program

Event Winners(Varsity only)
Michael Hsu
Matt Wenta

New Team Best Times(Does not include non-leadoff Relays)
Nathan Beck
Liam Griffin
Jack Schoenfeld
Matt Hanna
Chris Bean
Tomas Eisman
Matt Wenta
Peter Theodore
Matt Negron
Austin Benesch

The calendar for Winter Break(as well as non-COD week) will be posted by the end of the day.  At this time we do not have pool time for the in school Monday's while COD is closed.  I am still looking around for some possibilities.

Intersquad week is this week.  It is always one of the highlights of the year, and I assume this year will be no different.  All activities will take place within normal practice time.  Schedule will be as follows
Monday - Trivia
Tuesday - Relays
Wednesday - Dryland Races
Thursday - Water Games
Friday - TBA
Saturday - Meet

Teams(please let me know of spelling errors in names as this is the spelling in the team database)

Green Team
Michael Hsu
Marc Isaac
Timo Curtis
Sean Lapano
Sean Maloney
Jack Schoenfeld
Nick Peraino
Matt Hanna
Liam Griffin
Erik Mendez
Matt Negron
Austin Benesch

Blue Team
Matt Wenta
Chris Bean
Ryan Holm
Peter Theodore
Nathan Beck
Tomas Eisman
Michael Yangas
John Kilinski
Riley Pieper
Andrew Ruff
David Carlin