Sunday, August 30, 2015

Intersquad Wrap-up and No Meet Week

Before we get into details of this week, a congratulations to the Blue team for picking up the win!

During the week Blue team slowly build up a 16 point lead.  A dominant performance in Trivia, and Dryland games was just too much for the Green team to overcome.  The meet itself was a very well swam meet, even with less than ideal weather.  The score was only a 5 point difference going into the 400 Free Relay, which basically means the entire week came down to the last relay.  Huge kudos to every athlete as this was arguably the fastest intrasquad meet we have had all year.

This week we have no meets, but we do have our full practice schedule.  Also of importance, the JV athletes now have practice only at their HOME school.  In other words JV athletes from South only go to South AM practice, and JV from West only go to West AM practice.

Saturday will be for Varsity only, but location is TBA.

Most important part of the week is getting to practice.

We are "carpooling" this week to Butterfield.  However, we are just a little bit short on total drivers for Tuesday-Friday.  Therefore, we will be doing the following.

South - Covered all days by carpool

West - Monday carpool only due to orientation.  Tuesday-Friday there will be a white bus to help get athletes to Butterfield.  Any athlete who takes the bus must be on the bus by 2:40pm or they will be left at school.  I will explain this in more detail at practice tomorrow.

EVERYONE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR GETTING HOME.  This can include carpools or parents, but there will be NO bus returning to the high schools.

As a reminder if you are going to be missing a meetplease let me know ASAP.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Intersquad Week

Before getting into the fun stuff got to make some announcements.

This week is the yellow bus week.  All afternoon practices this week we will be bussing to and from practice.  A yellow bus will pick us up from Glenbard West at "3pm" then go straight to Glenbard South.  Practice and intersquad activities till 6pm.  Everyone has to ride the bus both ways every day, unless you have a signed waiver prior to practice.  If you need a waiver the athletic office should have it, make sure I sign it the day before you plan on missing.

AM practices this week are for ALL athletes.  We are still going through the basics and will have all athletes at both practices.  As a reminder athletes are responsible for getting to and from AM practices.

Anyone who has a gear bag, please bring it on Monday.  We plan on starting to use equipment.

On to intersquad week!

First, the teams.

Katie Armstrong
Sydney Green
Skyler Budny
Molly Rosenthal
Megan Murphy
Claire Ficarella
Emily Weigand
Maddie Bradley
Emily Garza
Mallory Bissett
Ania Gniatczyk
Marley Beckham
Hana Beckham
Meera Puthenmadon

Vicki Reese
Jane Denenberg
Annie Meyers
Annabel Davis
Julia Hall
Claire Lohman
Patrice Labos
Kate Kissane
Amy Banach
Rebecca Lekatsos
Sara Pasinski
Sienna Pierce
Joanna Nenova
Kasia Kostelic
Emma Eismann

All the activities will take place during practice.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

First Full Week of Girls 2015

This is an extremely busy week, so please make sure to read through everything.

All weekday swim practices are from 8am-10am at Butterfield.  These are now required practices.

Practice on Saturday(as well as next week) is TBA.  We are trying to find a pool still, I just don't know what time it will be.  This Saturday and next Saturday will be for all athletes, both Varsity and JV.

We also have our intro to the weight room this week.  Please check the calendar.  This is for all athletes, both Varsity and JV.

Monday, immediately following practice is team suit try-ons and purchases.  You must purchase your own suit.  These are required for competition, and are not to be worn at practice.  Swimmer's Edge will also have some extra goggles, caps, and suits for sale if needed.

Wednesday is the parent meeting.  Team meeting will be at 6pm at West in Room 224.  Immediately following the team meeting is the all sports meeting.  This meeting is also required for all families.  Families from South, the all sports meeting will count for your South requirements as well, so you don't have to attend both.  Do not be late, as I have to start right at 6pm to finish on time.

Thursday is Picture Day.  This will be at 12noon in the Gym at Glenbard West.  Apparel will be jean shorts and team suit.  Paperwork for Picture Day will get handed out either Monday or Tuesday.  Immediately following pictures we will have dryland.

If you have not signed up through PowerSchool, or if you have not turned in a physical athletes can't participate in practice.

Finally, I am aware there is a ton of registration and required things going on at the schools this week.  Please let me know when/if you will be missing as I can't keep track of all 40 girls dates without some help.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

HS Girl's 2015 Tryouts

Hope everyone is excited for the 2015 Glenbard West/South Girl's Co-op Swim Team.

Tryouts will be starting on Wednesday August 12th, 2015.  Practice will be at Butterfield Park District from 8am-10am.  Full calendar is available above in Google Calendar format.

Due to the extremely late running of the USA Swimming summer schedule the first 3 days of practice are OPTIONAL.  Anyone who is in town is encouraged to come to practice, but no attendance will be taken.  We will be using those 3 days for drills, basic introduction to our coaching language, and some basics of preparing the newer athletes for full tryouts the next week.

Starting on Monday August 17th, 2015 all practices will be required. Practices will still be from 8am-10am at Butterfield Park District.  We will also be adding some weightroom introduction that week.  Dates and Times are TBA as I need to hear back from the football teams.

Also on Monday August 17th, we will be doing suit fittings immediately following practice.  The uniform is required and not part of your Activity Fees.

Please know that all athletes MUST register in Power School prior to their first day at practice.  More information on PowerSchools please contact your specific High School.

We will also have a parent meeting on Wednesday August 19th immediately prior to the all sports meeting.  All families are required to have a representitive at both the swim team meeting and the All-Sports meeting.

Transportation to and from practice is still being figured out at this time.  We are looking into setting up carpools.  Due to our pool time we can not take a bus to COD.

Finally, please check the Handbook at the top of this page for a general outline of the team.  It is slightly out of date, but there will be no major changes.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.