Sunday, September 27, 2015

West Chicago Results and York Week

We had our first real invite of the season and it went extremely well.  That meet is a lot of fun, and the girl's did a tremendous job of managing themselves through warm-ups and cool-downs.  I especially liked seeing them trying out new things throughout the weekend.

Top 6 finishers
Annabel Davis
Julia Hall
Jane Denenberg
Megan Murphy
Molly Rosenthal
Skyler Budny
Katie Armstrong
Sydney Green
Vicky Reese

New Team  Best Times
Molly Rosenthal
Emily Weigand
Julia Hall
Claire Lohman
Sydney Green
Jane Denenberg
Megan Murphy
Kate Kissane
Emily Garza

This week we have a normal practice schedule.

Wednesday night meet is at York.  This is their Senior Night and they have divers.  Hopefully they only run a 2 level meet.  Regardless, it will be a long meet.

Saturday AM practice will be from 7-9am at the YMCA, varsity only.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Weekly Update OPRF and West Chicago

Held for meet Results

At this point of the year there isn't a ton of information to update.  Please make sure everyone is staying up to speed on food, sleep, and school.

Thursday - OPRF meet.  Bus will go West then South.  No diving, so quick meet, however traffic issues.  Meet starts about 5pm

Friday - I still don't have the meet packet from West Chicago, but this will be a limited entry meet.  Bus is right after school and goes West then South.  At this time I believe anyone not swimming will have practice.  Meet will start about 5pm.

Saturday - Same roster as the Friday night meet.  I will finalize once I get the meet packet, but will be leaving about 11am.  Meet starts at 1pm.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

LT Recap and 1st week inside

First the LT recap.  We finished a very respectable 5th place, which is either our highest or 2nd highest finish at that meet ever.  The F/S broke the 200 free relay and the 400 free relay records, though I won't update the board until end of the season.

The following went team best times...
A. Davis
M. Rosenthal
C. Lohman
M. Murphy
S. Pasinski

This doesn't include all the 50 and 100 best relays splits, no way for me to pull that comparison.

Medalist(Top 3)
A. Davis
J. Hall
J. Denenberg
M. Murphy
S. Green

Flat out, that was a great meet.

Moving forward to this week we are moving inside to COD.  This means we will now have the 2 arrival times as some athletes have early dismissal, while others don't.

Athletes that are getting early dismissal must talk to the athletic department and/or attendance tomorrow to make sure everything is in place to get dismissed early.  If there are any issues let me know and I will do anything I can to help out.

Transportation to COD (the team provides no transportation back to the school) will be as follows this week.

Monday - Early dismissal from West.  West Freshman will be shuttled by a parent.  South appears to be covered.

Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday - West early dismissal will be riding a white bus to the pool from West.    West regular dismissal should be covered by carpool.  From South, both early dismissal and regular dismissal appear to be covered.

Thursday Swim Meet @ Hinsdale Central - Bus will be going West -> South -> Hinsdale.  So West kids need to be ready at 3:00pm, South kids ready no later than 3:05pm.  This is assuming they don't change the pick-up time on me again.  We will be going in reverse order home so South first, then West.  They will have diving so have homework or reading to do.

Saturday Swim Meet @ B.R. Ryall YMCA.  Senior night against St. Francis.  Warm-ups will be at 6:00pm, Meet starts 6:15/6:20pm.  Meet will not last very long.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Bartlett Results

Overall, a decent meet.  We left our calling card as I like to do early in the year.

JV Score 133-35 we won
Varsity 76-92 Bartlett won

Once again we were by far the deeper team.  Unfortunately, 2 kids can win a dual meet.

Results were solid on the whole with a number of new team bests.  My only concern is a couple of swimmers were well off just 2 weeks ago.  We will be discussing that at practice tomorrow.

Event winners - Varsity Only
J. Denenberg
S. Green

New Team Best Times - This only counts times performed while directly performing for GWS as keeping track of other times would be virtually impossible from a database standpoint.

H. Beckham
M. Beckham
M. Bissett
M. Bradley
J. Denenberg
E. Eismann
A. Gniatczyk
S. Green
K. Kissane
M. Murphy
S. Pasinski
S. Pierce
M. Rosenthal
E. Weigand

No real updates concerning Saturday.

Monday, September 7, 2015

First Meet's of the Season!

I am going to have to keep this short and sweet, as I wrote this last night and it didn't go through

First, we have 2 meets this week!

Thursday we are at Bartlett.  Bus will go from South to West to Bartlett.  On return it will go in reverse order so West first then South.  This meet is scheduled to start at 4:30, but probably won't start until 4:45-5:00pm.  Should be back no later than 7:00pm.  All athletes will be swimming in this meet.

Saturday is a limited entry meet and the roster for the meet will be available at practice on Tuesday pm.  Bus will leave from South at 7:15am, then go to LT South.  Meet is scheduled to start at 9:00am and will be done around 11:00am.

All athletes will ride the bus home unless they have school events to return for(eg. band/choir).

Other major news is AM practice schedule change.  New schedule is as follows.

Tuesday @ West
Wednesday @ South
Friday @ Alternates

All JV are expected to maintain their home only schedule.

This came up recently and as I had about half the girl's tell me they didn't eat breakfast today, please read over/listen to this NPR story.

We will have the extra shuttle this week for getting to Butterfield from west, I believe South is still okay.

Finally, the girl's requested a return of Hero Week.  I'm not going to get into great detail on it here, as I have already written a very long piece about it HERE.  If anyone has questions on it, please let me know.