Sunday, August 28, 2016

Intersquad Wrap-up

Congrats to all the Girls on a great week of competition during the inter-squad week.  The Green team won the weeks competitions 10-0.  The Blue team then went on to win the swim meet 88-82.  However, the GREEN team was the overall winner of the week with a total score of 92-88.  Special comment on the captains of doing a great job of juggling line ups and everything throughout the week.

News for this coming week....

First we are no longer taking the yellow bus.  Athletes will either be carpooling with an upperclassmen, taking a White Bus, or getting driven by an adult.  The captains are communicating this ASAP.  Athletes that are on the White Bus, it will leave at 2:10pm on Monday, 2:40pm all other days.  If you are late it will not wait for you.  Athletes need to arranged their own transportation after practice. Direct questions to me please.

Our practice times are still 3:45-5:45p all week, this includes PLC Monday and Friday Half Day.

Saturday Practice is Varsity only.

No practice Monday(Labor Day)

Meets start next week.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Intersquad 2016

Welcome back to school!

This week is yellow bus week.  All athletes must ride the bus to and from practice daily, no exceptions.  We should have all carpool and white busing finalized mid week and will pass it out at practice.  We will be carpooling next week.

AM practice(Varsity only) does start at 5:45am, Tuesday morning at West, Thursday morning at South.  We will make sure we have all the carpools figured out.

Saturday practice is 10a-12p at Butterfield Park District.  This will be the intersquad meet, all athletes will be participating.  Meet will start about 10:30am, so if any parents want to watch, please feel free to come watch.

Full calendar is up.  Bus times & meet return times are estimates.  Since I missed mentioning it at the parent meeting.  All athletes will be required to ride bus both ways to all meets.  Exceptions for school band, choir, and the homecoming for the Barrington/Andrew(more on that once we get to it).

This week is the intersquad week.  We will be breaking into 2 teams and doing activities throughout the week in a competition format.  Everything will be part of normal practice.  Athletes should have dryland clothes daily.

Monday - Trivia (Green 3-Blue 0)
Tuesday - Stupid Relays (Green 8-Blue 1)
Wednesday - Dryland Races ( Green 12 - Blue 0)
Thursday - Water Games (Green 10 - Blue 0)
Friday - Dryland Games

Blue Team - Total of 2 wins
Skyler Budny
Sydney Green
Megan Murphy
Emily Weigand
Molly Rosenthal
Kylie Miskovic
Emily Garza
Isabel Kilinski
Mallory Bissett
Meera Puthenmadon
Ella Riley
Sofija Prvulov
Anaam Khalid
Grace Centeno
Marisa Klayum
Mary Fearn
Rachel Novelle
Grace VanPetten

Green Team - Total of 4 wins
Claire Ficarella
Jane Denenberg
Madi Field
Julia Hall
Claire Lohman
Kate Kissane
Patrice Labos
Siena Pierce
Ema Eismann
Ahalya Lettenberger
Marielle Mejia
Nathalie Moreno-Dorado
Kasia Kostelic
Madelyn Elvart
Melissa Gibson
Maeve Pinkelman
Keeler Smaistrla

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Parent Meeting Room 303

5:45 pm Parent Meeting is in room 303.

It is around the Auditorium area.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Official Tryout Week 2016

Welcome to the first official week of the season!

This week all swim sessions will be focused on tryouts and determining what training group each athlete should be on, Varsity or JV.  This does mean practice this week will be a bit boring and very formulaic as we get athletes into their correct groups.  I know I am looking forward to starting to bring some intensity to practice.

We also have something outside the pool going on daily this week.

Monday - Suit Fitting Immediately following swimming at Butterfield.  I know we have a number of people at orientation.  If you can't make it, there are 3 options.  Send money with someone else, and give them your size.  Call Swimmer's Edge and order directly through them.  Go to Swimmer's Edge and try on the suit there.  Costs is $65.85

Tuesday - First Weight Room session of the season.  This will be at West, we will meet in the Fieldhouse.  Enter the lower build, Biester Gym, go down the stairs and all the way to the back of the building.  All athletes are expected to be there, excluding athletes who have orientation

Wednesday - First Weight Room session at South.  Enter Door 19 aka the tunnel.  Go through that hallway, we will meet in the gym lobby.  Upperclassmen will help out.  All athletes should be there.  At 5:45pm we have the swim team parent meeting at West(room TBA).  Immediately following the swim team meeting is the all athletics meeting in the Auditorium.  This meeting does count as the required attendance for South familie

Thursday - Pictures at 12:45 at West in the Gymnasium.  Apparel is swimsuit and jean shorts.  If the swimsuits aren't in we will wear the warm-ups.  Will be handing out the order forms on Tuesday and Wendesday.

Friday - Weights at West.  Again all athletes should attend.

Saturday - Time Trials at Butterfield.

Very busy last week before the school year starts, but we will be done by 2pm daily.

Any questions please email both emails.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Girls PreSeason 2016

This week starts the optional practice for the Girl's for the 2016 season.  All practices are from 10-12pm at Butterfield Park District.  A full calendar is available at the top of this page.

We will be focusing this week on getting athletes acclimated with practice and just getting people moving after the break.

There is no Saturday practice

Some important dates coming up...

Monday August 15th First Required practice
Monday August 15th Immediately after practice Suit Fitting
Tuesday August 16th Pictures @ West
Saturday August 20th First Saturday practice(all athletes)
TBA next week Dryland/Weights at Glenbard West (all athletes)
TBA next week Required Parent Meeting (all athletes and 1 parent per athlete)

As a reminder you are required to sign up in PowerSchools and to turn in all necessary paperwork(including physical) prior to first practice.

A full handout will be available at practice that explains everything leading up to the school year.