Sunday, October 30, 2016

Conference Wrap-up

Huge congrats to all the athletes on a tremendous end of season performance at this past weeks conference meet and JV Invite.

New team best times by
Grace Centeno
Jane Denenberg
Madelyn Elvart
Mary Fearn
Claire Ficarella
Madi Field
Emily Garza
Melissa Gibson
Ania Gniatczyk
Sydney Green
Anaam Khalid
Isabel Kilinski
Kate Kissane
Marisa Klayum
Kasia Kostelic
Patrice Labos
Ahalya Lettenberger
Claire Lohman
Marielle Mejia
Kylie Miskovic
Megan Murphy
Rachel Novelle
Siena Pierce
Maeve Pinkelman
Sofija Prvulov
Meera Puthenmadon
Ella Riley
Keeler Smaistrla
Molly Rosenthal
Grace VanPetten
Emily Weigand

Varsity Award Winners(and therefore All-Conference)
Jane Denenberg
Julia Hall

Fresh Soph Award Winners
Madi Field
Sydney Green
Megan Murphy
Molly Rosenthal

Moving forward....

Athletes who are done swimming need to turn in jackets at practice prior to Sectionals.  Check the practice schedule, though it will be our normal schedule.  Captains can take a limited number of jackets, feel free to turn them into them at school, but know they may not be able to take it.

The following athletes are on the Sectional Roster, as a reminder this can change until final entries are due on Tuesday the 8th.  Normal practice schedule this week, including AM weights on Tuesday and Thursday.
Skyler Budny
Jane Denenberg
Claire Ficarella
Madi Field
Sydney Green
Julia Hall
Ahalya Lettenberger
Claire Lohman
Megan Murphy
Molly Rosenthal
Emily Weigand

Saturday practice will be at 6am for the State group, 7am for the Sectional group.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

So this wasn't updating

First, and by far the foremost, is my apologies for this not updating.  It was never my intention.

Moving forward.

First, lots of great swimming Friday night.  Kids are super tired and were, for the most part, consistent within their times.

We had no event winners

Team Best Times

Moving forward to swim meets left.
1) Metea this Saturday for all of Varsity.  Bus will leave from South at 8am.  Meet starts at 10am.
2) JV "State" is Thursday the 27th at York.  All JV will be competing.  Bus goes from South to West.  Meet starts at 5pm.
3) Conference is Saturday the 29th at Lyons South.  Roster for the meet will be at practice on Monday the 24th.  Bus will be from South at 8am.  Meet starts at 10am.

Finally, and this is a big one.   Tech Suits.  Tech Suits are basically legal cheating, there is a reason 100% of swims in the Olympics had them on.  There are 4 Tiers of tech suits.

1) Brand new swim suit.  Basically a brand new swim suit  that fits very snugly and ideally.  This is recommended for newer swimmers.

2) Entry Level.  These are much older suits and traditionally much cheaper than newer suits.  They tend to not work very long, but is good for a single meet.  Recommended for JV athletes who have a either 2 years of HS experience or a full year of club experience.

3) Mid-Tier.  Basically the modern suits from a generation ago.  Basically the suits worn in 2008/2012.  These tend to be bonded suits and can be relatively expensive.  They tend to last decent amount of swims.  Recommended for Sectional level athletes.

4) Near Top Tier.  Modern suits, excluiding the very top tier.  These aren't exorbiently expensive, but aren't cheap.  These are bonded suits, and can be very fragile.  Recommended for Sectional level+.

There is another tier, I don't recommend.  Ultimately, the fit is the most important part.  As such prior to purchase they need to be tried on.  Go to Swimmer's Edge, they know the suits, and they know what to recommend for you.  Please let them know what team you are from.


Sunday, October 9, 2016

Final dual meet

Prior to getting into the upcoming week wanted to recap last week's meet.

At this time no results have been formally turned in to me so this will get more detail as we get results.  I do know performance on Thursday was lackluster,  but completely within the norms of this time of the year.   Both Saturday meets went very well with a good number of best times, relays in particular were once again a highlight of the meets.

Moving onto this week.

First a couple of practice changes for the next 2 days.

Monday all levels 2:30-4:30 @ COD. We understand this is a late change, unfortunately a reality of not owning a pool.

Tuesday Weights is at 1pm for Varsity. Swimming is normal 2:30-4:30.

Saturday Varsity practice is TBA. Expect very early.  We will have practice.

Friday meet @ LT South. This is their Senior night.  Diving will start at 5pm, so swimming will be at about 5:20