Sunday, December 18, 2016

Winter Break Week 1

Before getting into this week. Quick wrap up from the last couple of meets.

We did lose both meets, which is a bit frustrating as we should be better.  Felt that the times we universally pretty good, but the way we were getting to the times left a lot to be desired.  A bunch of sloppiness, poor race strategy, not finishing the meet, and other issues that are mostly about mental toughness left a lot to be desired.

Event Winners(Varsity Only)
Sean Lapano
Nick Andres
Timo Curtis
Nathan Beck
Gage Ridinger

New Team Best Times
Syed Ali
Nick Andres
Matt Banach
Jokubus Dinsmonas
Chris Feliciano
Elijah Forsenberry
Matt Hanna
Nick Hatfield
Jack Hurst
Colin Janis
Neil Kotadia
Jack Krueger
Connor Lapano
Nickolas Ly
Sean Maloney
Charlie Mutz
Gage Ridinger
Bart Wlodarz
Mikolaj Wrobel

Moving onto this week
Swimming Monday-Thursday is at COD from 2:30-4:30.  Friday is TBA, we are still trying to rent a pool.
Varsity Dryland - Monday at West at 1pm, Tuesday at South at 1pm.
All athlete Dryland - Thursday at 1pm.  Don't know which school yet.
All athlete Dryland - Friday is TBA.
We are off Saturday- Monday for the holidays.
Tuesday the 27th is a relay meet for Varsity only.  I will have roster done on Tuesday.  If you are unable to attend i need to know ASAP.

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