Thursday, January 26, 2017

Senior Night and Metea

Apologies for falling behind on this

Great Meet at OPRF and Hinsdale.  Can tell we are starting to tune up for the end of season meets.

OPRF Event Winners
Nick Andres
Sean Lapano
Sean Maloney
Jack Schoenfeld
Nathan Beck

Hinsdale Award Winner
Nick Andres
Timo Curtis
Sean Lapano
Gage Ridinger

New Best Times
Syed Ali
Nick Andres
Matt Banach
Nathan Beck
Timo Curtis
Chris Feliciano
Nick Hatfield
Matthew Hanna
Ian Holm
Jack Hurst
Colin Janis
Neil Kotadia
Jack Krueger
Connor Lapano
Sean Lapano
Nicholas Ly
Sean Maloney
Erick Mendez
Charles Mutz
Matt Negron
Nick Peraino
Gage Ridinger
Bart Wlodarz

Moving forward to the next couple of nights.  Dual meet on Friday at LT(South Campus).  We will be doing a very brief Senior Recognition.  Need all Senior Parents there by 5:15pm.  Once we are done we will go take pictures while LT does their Senior Night.  Meet starts at 5:00pm, they traditionally do Diving First. Bus will be West at 3:00 then South, opposite order home.

Saturday is our last Invite of the season at Metea Valley.  Bus will be 8:00am from South, meet starts at 10am.  Traditionally the fastest, and deepest, Invite we are at all year.

Finally, Tech Suits.  Feel free to read back through the blog, as I have written about them in excruciating detail in the past.  The reality is they work, and while not required are recommended.  Athletes have spent nearly 200 hours in the water this year, and they deserve to perform as well as possible.  All suits should be tried on at Swimmer's Edge, as they know what I am looking for based on levels.

1) Brand new swim suit.  Basically a brand new swim suit  that fits very snugly and ideally.  This is recommended for newer swimmers.

2) Entry Level.  These are much older suits and traditionally much cheaper than newer suits.  They tend to not work very long, but are good for a single meet.  Recommended for JV athletes who have less than either 2 years of HS experience or a full year of club experience.

3) Mid-Tier.  Basically the modern suits from a generation ago.  Basically the suits worn in 2008/2012.  These tend to be bonded suits and can be relatively expensive.  They tend to last decent amount of swims.  Recommended for Sectional level athletes.

4) Near Top Tier.  Modern suits, excluding the very top tier.  These aren't exorbitantly expensive, but aren't cheap.  These are bonded suits, and can be very fragile.  Recommended for Sectional level+.

There is another tier, I don't recommend.  Ultimately, the fit is the most important part.  As such prior to purchase they need to be tried on.  Go to Swimmer's Edge, they know the suits, and they know what to recommend for you.  Please let them know what team you are from.


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