Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Conference Week!

First quick recap of the LT meet and Metea.

LT went fairly well, most everyone swam some form of best time, and not an easy thing to do as cold and as long as that meet was.

Event Winners
Timo Curtis

At Metea the boy's looked fantastic out performing nearly everyone for the second weekend in a row.  Team finished 6th place with one of the 3 or 4 strongest fields in the state.

Event Medalist
Nick Andres
Timo Curtis

New Team Best Times over the weekend
Syed Ali
Nick Andres
Matt Banach
Nathan Beck
Jokubus Dinsmonas
Chris Feliciano
Elijah Forsenberry
Matt Hanna
Nick Hatfield
Ian Holm
Jack Hurst
Colin Janis
Connor Lapano
Sean Lapano
Nicholas Ly
Sean Maloney
Erik Mendez
Charlie Mutz
Matt Negron
Nick Peraino
Gage Ridinger
Bart Wlodarz
Mikolaj Wrobel

Moving onto this week
Thursday AM - 6:00am @ South

Saturday is Conference.  Meet is at LT South.  Meet starts at 10am sharp.
Bus for Saturday is 8:00 am at South.  Do not be late!

On Monday JV Champs will be at West Chicago High School
Meet starts at 5pm
Bus Goes South(3pm) to West.